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Birthday Ecards

Make celebrating birthdays a doddle with our varied range of Birthday Ecards which can be sent for only £1.20 ($1.30 USD or €1.10 Euros) designed for you to send to family and friends, or for corporate use to customers and employees. We also offer a really useful ‘Birthday Ecard Tool’ which allows you to add multiple recipients, and the date of their annual celebration, to a template that then sends your chosen design, personalised with their name and message, straight to their inbox on their birthday. This will give you the ability to schedule everyone's Birthday card in one go, to arrive by email on the morning of their Birthday. Ecards are good for the environment, very few resources are used to get them in front of the special person by email, compared to printed greeting cards.

If you don't find the card you are looking for, try browsing our Animated Birthday Ecards

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We have over 100 static Birthday Ecards for you to choose from, in a vast range of styles and designs, from sophisticated floral Birthday Cards to funny cartoon Ecards. Static Greeting Ecards can be embedded right in the body of the email that gets sent to your recipients, so no need to click on a link to view the Birthday Ecards. There are also animated Birthday Gifs that perform in the same way as all the static jpeg Ecards in this category, allowing some animation and movement embedded in the email, or displayed in a browser window. Our Birthday Cards are not just for family and friends, many companies prefer to send Corporate Birthday Ecards to the staff and employees, as well as to customers and clients, it's a great way to show that you care, and remind them that you are there.