Engage More Customers With Stand-Out Emails Today

Increase your sales, not the workload, with email campaigns and automation solutions from Ecard Mint. 

We help brands like these

Win over new and repeat customers by sending emails and automations built by email marketing experts

We make your emails more personal and relevant to them with behaviour-based automated journeys created by Email experts. Let us send emails based on your customers’ behaviour and interactions, delivering better experiences and driving higher engagement. Worried about the migration? We’ve got the tools and support to make it a breeze.

The Smarter Way to Deliver Emails

We have a full suite of business communication services to fuel your email marketing success. We will plan, design and action email campaigns, animated Ecards and email automation for you. Effective email marketing is only the beginning we can leverage customers’ profile data, shopping history and much more to help you drive sales. 

Make every email campaign you send feel personal, our email design is geared toward creating a fantastic user experience for your customers.

Here are some key features:

  • We can create any type of email marketing campaign from newsletters, with A/B testing, segmentation, personalisation and animation to automations solutions to welcome users and resolve abandoned shopping carts.
  • Create on‑brand campaigns, every time with our customisable Ecard content studio, pre-made creative that can be re-branded, remixed in anyway and save time in any campaign.
  • Behavior-based automated journeys. We send emails based on your customers’ behavior and interactions, delivering better experiences and driving higher engagement.
Trying To Decide If We Are Right For You?

Let’s do this! Every big idea starts with a small step forward. Why settle for just email, when you can have it all? Ecard Mint can deliver animation to automation, segmentation to personalised messaging all done for you.


We can send any types of email marketing campaigns and regular newsletters. The emphasis being on email marketing. We also can provide Email Automation solutions as well, from cart recovery and welcome messages to customer reactivation–our Automations Library we build workflows for every step of your customer journey.

There are no sending limits, we can send email campaigns from one to one million emails, delivered and reported on in real-time.

Great, head over to https://ecardmint.com/contacts to drop us a message, and your campaign manager will be in touch.

Ecard Mint’s services start from just £99.00 ($135 USD or €115) per email campaign. You can view more on our email agency pricing page here https://ecardmint.com/pricing

We take data security very, very seriously, and comply with the GDPR, ICO and data protection acts, and we do not endorse spam or data scraping.

We don’t have complicated pricing structures. One flat fee per email campaign or newsletter that we manage, that’s it.

As part of your email newsletter management plan, we will optimise and condense any copy or graphical assets you give us, to ensure it’s effective and gets results.

This year we have moved to a fully a managed service. You can still utilise and re-adapt all of Ecard Mint’s Animated Christmas Ecards and Holiday card designs, however we will create and send them for you. Send us your brief and we will take it from there.

You can find out more about our pre-existing catalogue of adaptable and customizable Christmas and Holiday Ecard design here – www.ecardmint.com/contentstudio

Your email newsletter and campaign management plan include comprehensive testing and pre-flights checks of your email campaigns, newsletters and automation.

When your email is created, you’ll receive a link to preview and leave comments. Our team is instantly alerted to any of your notes and will get to work. When you’re happy with the email, approve, and we’ll get it scheduled.

You can direct access to our support team by phone and email and can book in calls to discuss your campaign performance.

Start With Our Introductory Offer

It’s easy to get started. And you can save 50% of your first campaign.Two things that
are pretty great.

The Power of Personalisation

Show your customers just how special they are, build trust, engagement and relevance with each mail-out. We can personalise your campaign based on your customer’s needs, from how it looks in their inbox, to content they really want to read and act on.

You can utilise all the information saved in your CRM or database, for example age, gender, city location or special interest.

Humanise your email marketing:

  • Customise the email subject, per recipient, to really stand out in their inbox.
  • Increase the likelihood of an email being opened and clicked on, when the personalised content is previewed within the inbox.
  • Improve customer experience by sending the right content to the right person at the right time.

Track More Than Just Page Views

We can record almost everything: event tracking lets you define which actions get tracked. That means you can choose the events that make the most sense for your business.

In-depth tracking from the moment we hit send, get all your key performance metrics, trends and best-performing activities highlighted in an actionable report, readily available to filter & act on.

Here are a few of the events you might track:

  • User clicked a button to claim a coupon or to visit your site.
  • Contact watches 75% of a specific video, and on which browser.
  • How email impacts your ability to move people through your funnel.