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We help you design lovable user-friendly emails aligned with your branding guideline and your users' behaviours

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Dive in and take a closer look at our features:

Email Marketing

From creative design, copywriting and stand out visuals, to improved deliverability. Raise the bar across all your marketing emails, when Ecard Mint sends your campaigns.


Make each customer feel special, personalise your email based on your contact’s properties, from how it looks in your recipient’s inbox, to the content they read.


Segments make contact list insights more actionable, so you know who you’re talking to and how to talk to them. Send relevant content at the right time no matter where in the globe your customers are.

Analytics & Reporting

See what’s working in your email campaigns and track your sales with our Reports. Drill down into where people clicked in your emails via Click Maps, so you can tailor your content for more engagement.

Email Cleansing

An email address is your first line of communication with a customer so make sure you reach them. With 30% of emails going bad in just one year, it’s time to spring clean your email lists and CRM with Ecard Mint.

Email Previewing

Broken emails mean lost sales. How does this email look? View your campaign across popular email clients and 90 other devices including mobile, making sure your campaign is always delivered as expected.

Ecard Campaigns

Allow Ecard Mint to manage your email sending throughout the year. With over 10 Years of experience sending Email Campaigns, Newsletters and Christmas eCards for some of the largest brands around.


We started as animators and have worked with the BBC, Netflix and many more. We create lightweight animated Ecards, HTML Animation and GIFs for emails, that works across any device and platform.