The Easiest way to send Group Cards

Group Signing made easy. Have unlimited people sign your campaign in an easy and fun way, with advanced customisation and more.

Group Sign by Ecard Mint

Get personal with Ecard Mint’s Group Sign feature. Our service allows you, colleagues or customers to create a group sign email fast adding that extra personal to any campaign.

With Ecard Mint’s Group Sign feature, you can have multiple people sign your campaign online by simply sharing your bespoke link.

Once everyone has signed it, we collate all signatures and provide you with a copy to approve. Once everything is complete you can preview your campaign on over 90 different types of devices, providing you with the best-in-class email inbox preview around.

Ecard Mint have sent millions of emails and thousands of campaign in over 150 countries, why not get in touch and say hello.

How it works


Book Your Campaign

Contact us and book in your campaign, just mention you would like the Group Signing Feature bolted on.

Mouse cursor

Ask People to Sign

Share your bespoke link with colleagues, customers or friends and get them to sign. You can even use your mobile to sign.


Confirm Preview

We send you a preview of your campaign for approval. Plus you have the option to preview on over 90 devices.