The Last Christmas Post

We were wondering what to write about for our last post before Christmas. And that got us thinking, ‘post… last post… when is the last post?’ And wouldn’t you know it, that day is today.

Yes this is it. Today is the last day to send your parcels and cards with Royal Mail to make sure they land on the designated doorstep in time for festivities.

Of course, if you’ve had a good year you could always delay for a couple of days and go first-class – as long as you get yours in the red box by the 20th December. And if you’ve had a really, really good year (we’re talking lottery wins and long-lost inheritances) you can put it off till the 23rd of December and use Royal Mail’s special delivery service.

Or if you’ve still not managed to send off your corporate Christmas ecards, at Ecard Mint the last post is determined by you. You can schedule your company e card for Christmas eve, for 4.55pm on the last day of work or even 23.59 on Christmas day itself (bit odd, but who are we to judge?)

You don’t need stamps, you don’t need paper and you definitely, most certainly do not need to panic.

Now that’s a last post to be proud of.

Oh thank you, you’re very kind.

And now that that’s all sorted (as the postmaster might say) the only thing really left to do is to wish a very Merry Christmas, we hope you have a good one.

Christmas Wreath Animated Ecard

Preview of Christmas Wreath, Animated Ecard from Ecard Mint

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