Introducing the Ecard Mint blog: why ecards for business?

A versatile and highly cost-effective marketing tool may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘ecard’. However, in recent years the use of ecards for business has seen a significant increase across several key markets including the USA, UK and Australia. Typically, businesses have started by migrating their annual company Christmas card mailing from print to ecard format, then, realising the considerable benefits of digital greetings, have expanded their usage to a broader range of marketing applications.

What makes the ecard such an appealing addition to the marketer’s communication toolbox? Why are business ecards being embraced by companies both small and large? How can public sector organisations and non-profits leverage this cost-effective tool to help their marketing budgets go further?

Here on the Ecard Mint blog we’ll be exploring these types of questions on a weekly basis (you’re busy people, we don’t want to bombard you). We’ll share our experiences of corporate ecards and their potential benefits for a wide range of business purposes – from marketing to internal staff communications.

Once the Ecard Mint website is launched and in full swing from around September, we’ll add some ‘how to’ posts as well as client perspectives and case studies. We’ll also keep our eye on the wider digital marketing world and share some interesting resources, snippets and perspectives.

We look forward to sharing with you and would be delighted to hear your views and experiences.