So how big is the greeting card industry?

This week we thought we’d share this quite good looking infographic from the good people at Day2DayPrinting, based in LA.

Focusing on personal rather than corporate e cards, for our purposes the data shown might not seem wholly relevant. But there’s a reason why as a company it’s good to remind ourselves of a couple of things that are made evident from these figures.

Take a look and we’ll be right back with you, beneath the fold.  

How Big Is The Greeting Card Industry? – An Infographic from Design & Marketing Blog

So the Greeting Card industry is huge. It’s popular, and why? Because it’s meaningful. Although here we’re looking at people sending cards personally, there’s no reason why businesses can’t and shouldn’t be harnessing this method of communication to show employees, clients and business partners that we remembered to send a birthday company e card or a corporate Christmas ecard.  After all, those 7 buyers who viewed greeting cards as ‘absolutely essential to them’ could very well be crucial members of your workforce or valued contacts in your address book.