A Double Dose of E Card Advent Calendar Fun

Go on, admit it. You’ve done this before:

Woken up and looked over at your Advent Calendar craving a cup of tea rather than chocolate – so you leave it. And before you know it, it’s the next day and you’re charged with the ardous task of opening two doors in a row on your Advent Calendar.

This Sunday, we’re honoring this very tradition with a double dose of Christmas Ecard Advent Calendar fun.

Today’s special treat is a simple but spirited static business ecard for Christmas, featuring a character who’s bound to be rushed off his feet at this time of year:

Door 14 of Ecard Mint Advent Calendar


And even though Saturday might be all but a memory, but behind this door is an exciting company ecard designed to make your recipients look forward to what’s ahead:

Advent Calendar Ecard Mint Door 13

We might have been a little late sharing door 13 but don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to get your Xmas e-greeting sorted using our DIY service. Find out more about how to send your corporate ecard here.