New static Birthday Ecards with humour

We have recently added two new static Birthday Ecards with a humour element to them. Firstly we added the new golf birthday ecard with a man struggling to carry his golf club bag. The light hearted caption reads ‘You’re not getting older, the clubs are just getting heavier!’. Any golfer of advancing years would appreciate receiving this finny ecard.

Golfer Birthday Ecard

Golf Birthday Ecard

The second card we updated is intended to be sent to princesses of all ages, showing a happy little princess in front of her castle with the message ‘Happy Birthday Princess’.

Birthday Princess Ecard

Princess Ecard

Due to user requests we have also added a new Milestone Birthday ecards category covering all major age birthdays. Whether you are looking for a 16th Birthday Ecard, 18th Birthday Ecard, 21st Birthday Ecard or any of the big decade birthday events 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th right up to 100th Birthday ecards we have many design options for you to choose from.

New Maternity Leave Ecards added

Due to requests from users of for a larger selection of Maternity Leave Ecards, you asked and we listened and are happy to announce the addition of three new maternity Ecards in the Employee Ecards category.

Good luck on maternity leave Ecards

Good luck on maternity leave

First is this text based maternity leave ecard with the simple message: Good Luck On Your Maternity Leave. A simple design set off by a row of red hearts along the bottom. The words Good Luck are written in alternate red and blue letters so could work for a boy or girl.

Maternity leave ecard

Maternity leave ecard

Next is a photo based Maternity Leave Ecard featuring a cute teddy bear in hug pose, and the message Best Wishes for your Maternity Leave. A cute ecard to send if a friend or colleague is close to giving birth and is on leave.

new baby Ecard

new baby Ecard

And lastly we have mix of photo and text to create this slightly different message; Congratulations you are having a baby. This design can work as a maternity leave or a new baby ecard.

With the current risks and fears in the coronavirus crisis sending an Ecard to an expectant mother (or father) is the safest way to send maternity greetings and good wishes, and as these are all free ecards what is stopping you?

Ecard Mint GIFs hit ONE BILLION views on!

For a couple of years now we have been making small GIF animations from Ecard clips, and views of the 196 GIF uploads has been steadily growing until two days ago we reached 1,000,000,000 views

Now that’s a big number in anyone’s book, so we are very proud of the validation that shows. We have been uploading a few animated GIFs every month, the most popular being this Birthday Ecard Gif which has been viewed on over 350 million times.

We can help companies and organisations build brand awareness and exposure in the same way, if you would like to hear what Ecard Mint can do for you on GIF sharing platforms, get in touch.

Support our Doctors and Nurses during the Covid-19 crisis

We are living through unprecedented and fearful times, but our amazing medical staff are selflessly working long hours to help and treat those infected with coronavirus. Every nurse and doctor who goes to work are risking getting ill and ultimately putting their own lives on the line, so we must show our appreciation by and thanks be sending them messages of support.

We have created a small range of special Thank You Ecards for you to send to all doctors and nurses that you know. Every Thank You Ecard on our website is a free Ecard so there is nothing to prevent you from sharing them as many times as you can.

Thank you doctors and nurses Ecard

Thank you doctors and nurses Ecard

Doctors Thank you Ecard GIF

Thank you Ecard GIF to send to doctors

Thank You Nurses Ecard GIF

Thank You Nurses Ecard GIF

Thank You UK NHS Ecard

Thank You NHS Ecard

We have many Thank You Ecards to send for Free, if you have received help and treatment from medical staff, a surgeon, doctor or nurse during the coronavirus, why not send them one of our free Ecards or an animated GIF to say thank you.

Ecards are perfect to send while socially isolating or if you are in quarantine as there is no chance of spreading the covid 19 virus as it is all delivered by email.

Now is the time to send Free Ecards

In this time of global crisis, now more than ever we need to stay in contact with family, friends, work colleagues and customers. Most people are following the advice to isolate or keep a social distance, so giving or posting greeting cards is no longer possible or as easy.

In those circumstances sending an e-card is the answer, if you need to send someone one of our Birthday Ecards, whether they are near of far, it will be delivered anywhere to their email inbox in minutes.

Send your appreciation with a Thank You Ecard, a Hello Ecard or send a design from new categories Sympathy Ecards and Thinking of You Ecards, for anyone who has recently been bereaved or who just needs a lift.


Poppies Thinking of you Ecard

Poppies Thinking of you Ecard

Thoughts are With You Ecard

Thoughts are With You Ecard

Condolences Ecard

Condolences Ecard

Deepest Sympathy Ecard

Deepest Sympathy Ecard

Ecard Mint offer over 1,000 different cards for you to send, 800 of which are completely free Ecards to send to up to 20 people each.

The Coronavirus and Ecards

As the world is struggling to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, we all still need to stay in contact with Family and friends, probably now more than ever.

Many countries including the United Kingdom have gone into lockdown which requires citizens to stay at home and only go out for essentials and emergencies. Life goes on and there is still the need to send greeting cards, therefore Ecards are the best and safest solution. Free Ecards can be sent online from your home without the need to venture out to shops to purchase printed cards, nor out again to post them. There were also suggestions that the Covid 19 virus can survive on card and cardboard, according to it can be actively carried for up to 24 hours on cardboard.

The last thing anyone would want would be to send their friends or family the virus on a printed greeting card, so why not send an Ecard instead?

We have just added two new Ecard categories, Sympathy Ecards to send to the recently bereaved and Thinking of You Ecards to send for many reasons or just to say ‘Hello’. These of both free Ecard categories, as are 80% of the Ecard designs on our website. Birthday Ecards, Christmas Ecards and New Year Ecards require a small fee to send, but there are over 800 free Ecards to send as many times as you like.

New Collection: New Years 2020 Ecards (Static)

Our Latest Static Ecards for New Years 2020

As a new decade rolls closer and closer we wanted to design something with a bang for the New Years. Our latest static New Year Ecards bring a bit of class to inboxes this winter. 

Get ready for the year ahead and be the first in your clients’ inbox to wish them a Happy New Year!

A shade of Purple for the New Year

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Raise a glass and celebrate in style

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That’s not all we have many more New Year Ecards to send.

View New Years Ecards –

New Collection: Last Christmas Ecards for 2020

Our elves have been hard at work this Christmas so much so they are still churning out beautiful Christmas Cards for those special inboxes today just a few days for Christmas.

None the less we feel like this might be some of the nicest Christmas Ecards available on the whole wide web, in fact, they might be someone of the nicest Xmas Ecards we have ever seen!

So before you finish the Christmas, Say Hello to somebody today with Ecard Mint.

Send Christmas Cards now guaranteed to turn up, unlike the Christmas post!

Merry Christmas from Ecard Mint

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New Animated: New Year Ecards for 2020

Get Animated this New Years 2020 with Ecard Mint

We are bringing the New Year in style with our latest collections of Animated Ecards for New Years 2020. 

Turn old into new with this New Years Ecard.

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Start with 2020 with a Sparkle and celebrate with everyone.

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Ding Dong the clock has struck, Say Hello with this New Years Ecard

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That’s not all there are a number of new cards and styles to send out this year, Say Hello with Ecard Mint View New Years Ecards –

5 Eco Friendly Christmas Decor Ideas for a Zero Waste Christmas

As another Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to get creative with how we manage our waste over the festive period. Here at the Ecard Mint headquarters, we fancy ourselves pretty knowledgable when it comes to all things Christmas so we have put together a list of our favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor for a greener, more sustainable Christmas.

1.Dried Orange Decorations | A Timeless Christmas Classic – 6 Hours including Cooking!
What you will need to make this zesty decoration.

1 Orange (Per Decoration)
Some string
A handful of Cinnamon sticks
A cup of Cloves
1 Skewer

First, you will slice your orange into pieces that are about half a centimetre thick. Please remember the thinner the slice, the quicker the drying time will be.

Next, take your skewer or any kind of stick and create a hole right at the top of the slice. Remember you have to thread your string through the hole so make sure it’s big enough!

Next, put the orange slice with a hole directly onto the metal rack rather than a baking tray. Put the oven at 60* for up to five hours. Once they are fully dried out, leave them overnight for good measure.

Now to time to decorate. Push the cloves into the slice in a decorative fashion around the edges of the slice.

Thread the string. tie a knot. Then repeat on each one to change the length of the garland. Add some cinnamon sticks in between the slices to finish!

The National Trust has made a super easy to follow video on this – <a href=””>watch here</a>.

2. DIY Wrapping Paper | Think Reusable  – 1 Hour including wrapping!
Wrap your Christmas presents the eco-friendly way this year.

Bows and ribbons can make your Christmas gifts look glorious, but concerns are growing that these Christmas trimmings could be harming the planet. This concern is so great that when Hobbycraft released their Christmas craft trends for 2019 they reported a rise in eco-conscious craft makers seeking out materials to make homemade Christmas gift-wrap and tags.

You will be surprised by how much alternative wrapping paper is just sitting around the house, below we have listed some of Ecard Mint’s favourite eco-friendly wrapping paper solutions!

  1. Maps from old magazines, leaflets from past museums and attractions or just an out of date A-Z Roadmap could be used… Plus the older they are, they will have that vintage look that it’s so popular today.
  2. Fabric – That’s right old pieces of fabric, they are easy to customize – use a furoshiki-style knot to fasten it for something a bit fancier.
  3. Free and easy, ask your local store for some older editions or even Foreign language newspapers and comic sections for something a little different.

Consider wrapping your gifts with reusable wrapping materials and decorate them with a spring of holly instead of using throwaway tags and ribbons.

3. Make your own Advent Calander
Fill it with anything you like, from Teabags or Chocolate here’s how to make your very own, reusable Awesome Advent Calander!

Now you will need a fair few things to create this, and the awesome Prima have rounded it up in a rather easy article.

Plain fabric or linen
Fabric marker
Staple gun
Duct tape
3 Different Coloured threads
Sewing machine
Hardboard (60cm x 70cm)
Polyester wadding
Needle and pins

Follow the instructions <a href=””>here</a>

4. Eco-friendly Gits.

After searching the interwebs for this years top eco-friendly Christmas gifts we found the guys over at <a href=””>Friends of the Earth</a> have made a rather nice Christmas package with a Christmas Bee Saver Kit, which includes Wrapping Paper, Flower Seeds, Diary and Posters.

Find the Christmas Bee Saver Kit <a href=”″>here.</a>


Do something good with and save on paper, carbon while sending something unique, we have animated Christmas ecards for all occasions this Christmas, funny Christmas ecards and also Christmas Ecards for businesses.

So Say Hello with Ecard Mint this Christmas, happy holidays from everyone here at Ecard Mint headquarters.

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