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Birthday Ecards

Send a Premium Animated Birthday Ecard for only £2.40, $2.60 USD or €2.20 Euros, if you’re looking to send best wishes to family and friends, or for your business to employees or customers on their big day. Never miss a birthday again with our ‘Birthday Ecard tool’ which lets you schedule your cards to be sent to each of the recipients in your mailing list. You can purchase our Birthday Ecards on a 'Pay As You Go' basis, or sign up to our Silver or Gold Account to send more cards at a reduced cost all year round. Save time, money with an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to the paper greetings card, the greener option when sending Birthday greetings.

For milestone birthdays we have a category of lower cost static key age number milestone Birthday Ecards.

For a lower cost option all our Premium Static Birthday Ecards are only £1.20 or $1.30 USD or €1.10 Euros.
If you don't find the card you are looking for, try browsing our Static Birthday Ecards

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Animated Birthday Ecards all have music and sound to emphasise the action, so turn up the volume for the full impact. We have designed our range of animated cards in a variety of styles to suit all tastes, so your recipient will be entertained and their Birthday celebrated in good fashion. You can schedule all of your Birthday Ecard Greetings in one go, to be sent at a future date using our Birthday Ecard list template, where you enter the date for each recipient and our system will send the card straight to their inbox on the day of their Birthday, so you can have peace of mind for a full 12 months. Send Premium Static Birthday ecards for only £1.20 or $1.30 USD or €1.10 Euros.