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Experience ‘The Games’ like you never seen them before in the comical animated ecard ‘Turkey Olympics’. The story starts with two unlikely looking Turkeys as they ‘gobble gobble’ to one another, before pole vaulting over the farmyard fence with a rake and a pitchfork, only to find themselves staring in the face of a field full of sheep. But they’re no match for these ill-fated birds on the run, as the turkeys hurdle over the sheep, one-by-one. The final stretch is fittingly shown in slow-mo for dramatic effect with Chariots of Fire style music urging them on as they sprint to freedom. They eventually look back to find the farm far behind them and offer each other a thumbs up for a job well done, before exhibiting some familiar Olympic poses you might just recognise. The ecard finishes with a simple greeting, wishing your recipients every success for the coming year. The animated Turkey Olympics ecard is suitable for use on iPhones and iPads.