'Retro' Thanksgiving Feast 2

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The second of our ‘Retro’ Thanksgiving Feast ecards, this tongue-in-cheek Thanksgiving ecard is a great way to send jovial best wishes to clients and business partners at the start of the holiday season. An illustration of a beautifully laid out Thanksgiving table with guests serving themselves is the scenario pictured in this corporate ecard. A speech caption from the gentleman in the foreground reads: “Checking your email again? Shouldn't you be overseeing a merger between your stomach and some roast turkey?” On the cream tablecloth background, the ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ greeting is displayed in light purple font. Ecards and membership accounts can be purchased in US Dollars, GB Pounds or with Euros. This humorous Thanksgiving ecard can be viewed on various device types including most smartphones and tablets such as iPads and iPhones.