How to send corporate ecards

No account yet? No problem

You can choose, design and customise a corporate ecard right now. If you want to save, preview and edit your card, enter a few details to quickly set up a free account. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to choose various mailing preferences, upload your contact lists and send yourself a test E card. Once you’re happy with everything, proceed to payment then click ‘send’ and your company ecards will be on their way.

Step 1. Choose the category of card you’re interested in

Looking for a birthday card? Or if it’s the holiday season you’ll need a greetings card - whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or New Year. Perhaps you’re looking to make an announcement, launch an event, spread a bit of appreciation or just say thank you. Just click on the category you’re interested in and decide whether you’re looking for an animated or static (non-animated) card.

step 2. Browse our Ecard designs and select the one you want

Click the ‘View this card’ button below any Ecard design to see exactly what it will look like. Then to proceed with the corporate Egreeting that you want, just click ‘Customize this ecard’.

step 3. Make it your own - customize your company e-card, boost your brand

All of the following fields are optional. If you prefer not to include a field, just leave it blank and it won’t appear in your ecard. Enter your greeting or message: Type in the text of the greeting or message you want to appear on the card. You can add a headline followed by some body text. Use the toolbar to edit the text’s font type, colour, size and alignment.

Add a signature: there will be a box to navigate to the file on your computer, then upload it. The size will be limited to around 600 pixes x 300 pixels. The signatures will display correctly if saved as a .jpg against a white background.

Add your logo: there will be a box to navigate to the file saved on your computer's hard drive, then upload it. The size will be limited to around 600 pixes x 300 pixels. The logo will display correctly if saved as a .jpg against a white background.

Add a link to your website: there is a box to type it in, like the headline message. No need to add the http:// part, just start with www.

Add social media sharing buttons: Allow your Ecard recipients to share the card with their online friends and followers. If they really like it, the ecard could go viral!

Add a charity logo: If you’ve decided to put some of the money you've saved, sending an electronic greeting, towards a good cause you can share your chosen charity's logo within your company ecard. We have an extensive list of pre-loaded logos for all of the major organisation but if you can not find your charity there, just upload the logo from your PC. You will get the best results if you use dimensions of 100 to 150 pixels wide, with the charity's logo saved against a white background.

Change the background colour: Fancy changing the colour of the background to match the colour scheme of your design or business logo? Choose your preferred shade from the grid in the 'Background Colour' tab found on the customisation page. 

When customizing your Ecard, at any point in the process you can see how your card looks by clicking on ‘Preview ecard’ at the bottom right of the page. If you feel like starting from scratch, click on ‘Discard Draft’ at the bottom left of the page to start again. if you're pleased with your progress but wish to return at a later date to complete the process, click on the grey ‘Save as Draft’ button at the bottom right of the page to save your work.

Step 4: Sign up or sign in to save and/or continue working on your customized ecard

Already created for an account? We’ll ask you to sign in at this point. Simply enter your email address and password and click ‘Sign in’. No account yet? No problem. Simply enter a few details and click ‘Sign up’ to create a free account which will allow you to save your Ecard and proceed on to the next page. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you for payment for your corporate ecard at this stage.

Step 5: Choose your mailing preferences and cover email format

Your customized ecard is now saved and you can edit and preview it as many times as you wish until you’re completely happy with it.

Now for your emailing preferences: Will can mail it or would you like to send it yourself? It's up to you. Would you like to upload your mailing list and have Ecard Mint send your card on your company's behalf or would you prefer us to provide you with a link to distribute your ecard to your recipients yourself? Choose your preferred option and then scroll down the page.

The next thing to decide on is how you want the cover email to appear. If you've opted to send the card yourself, then the cover email will be created by you. But if you've chosen to send your email card through Ecard Mint, you now have several options to customize the format and wording of your cover email.

Add/edit the email subject (title): Enter text for the subject line of the cover email that will be sent with your ecard.

Choose the email format: Click on one of the three options to select your preferred format:

1. Cover text and thumbnail image - Introduce your corporate e card with a brief message. Your recipients then click on the thumbnail image to view the card in full.
2. Cover text and link only (no image): Introduce your ecard with a brief message on behalf of your business. Your recipients the click on the link to view the card in full (useful where email filters may not allow images.
3. Full card view (not available for animated cards): The ecard is in the body of the email - no need to click to view

Send yourself a test email to make sure your corporate ecard is exactly as you'd like it. Your test email card will be watermarked and is completely free of charge.

Step 6: Select or upload your mailing list

TO UPLOAD A REGULAR MAILING LIST - Go to the 'Upload a mailing list' box where you can easily import a small or large mailing list. First export your contacts database as a .csv file, then download our Excel template. Open the template and copy and paste your contacts details (first and last name in column one, email address in column two) then save as a .csv file and re-upload it to Ecard Mint.







HOW TO FILL OUT OUR MAILING LIST TEMPLATE - Copy and paste your contact list details: first and last name in column one, email address in column two, make sure there are no blank rows or extra columns added, then save as a .csv file on your hard drive. The wrong file format, incomplete or irregular email addresses, or other inconsistencies in the file can cause some or all email addresses to be blocked from importing.


1. Ensure all email addresses adhere to the standard syntax: ‘[email protected]’.

2. Double check each email address has no typos, commas, apostrophes etc.

3. Once typed in or pasted, the email address should become a blue link (as shown above).

4. Check that each email address is current and has not expired or been deleted.

5. Check there are no unnecessary spaces, before, after, or in the middle of the email addresses.

6. Make sure there are no semicolons instead of commas when saving the .csv file.

HOW TO UPLOAD A BIRTHDAY MAILING LIST - Follow all of the instructions above for creating, saving and importing a STANDARD mailing list. The only difference with a BIRTHDAY mailing list is that you will also need to enter the Birthday date for each recipient, for the actual day that you want their Birthday Ecard to be delivered. First export your contacts database as a .csv file, then download our Excel BIRTHDAY list template, copy and paste your contacts details - first and last name in column one, email address in column two and Birthday date in column three in the correct format: DD/MM/YYYY, into the template, then save it as a .csv file and re-upload it to Ecard Mint.

Make sure the date is the actual date you would like the ecard to be delivered in the future, not their date of birth or any date in the past. The date must adhere to the United Kingdom standard format: DD/MM/YYYY for example 28/10/2017. Any other date format can cause some or all email addresses to be blocked from importing.

To add contacts manually To add contacts individually, create a 'new mailing list name' above and save. Then enter your contact's details one-by-one below and add them to your new mailing list.

Your recipient allowance: The maximum number of recipients you can send a company ecard to depends on your account type e.g. Pay As You Go, Silver or Gold. If the mailing list exceeds your allocated recipient allowance, a pop-up box will appear suggesting that you either reduce your mailing list or increase your allowance for a small additional charge.

Step 7: Make Payment

There are two options to make payment:

Select to pay for your company E card with a credit card via the integrated SagePay system. You will be required to enter your credit card number, name on the card, expiry date and security code (the 3 digits on the strip at the back). Then click the 'proceed' button to process your payment. For Sage Pay help, or for more information about credit card payments you can access the Sage Pay FAQs here.

Or choose to pay for your corporate E-greeting with your Paypal account. Just click on the Paypal button and follow the instructions to log into your Paypal account. You can find more information and Paypal help and advice here.

Step 8: Now Send your Business Ecard

Once your payment has been processed, depending on which sending option you have selected, your customized ecard will now be ready to go. To monitor your Ecard, just log into your account and click on 'Reports and Stats' to view cards you have sent in the past, and how many recipients have opened and viewed the ecards.

Step 9: What can I do after my company ecard has been sent?

Log into Ecard Mint, then click on 'My Account'

In 'My Account' you will have the opportunity to view and edit your personal and business details by clicking on 'Account Settings'. It is easy to change your emailing preferences and time-zone, reset your password and even upgrade your business ecard account. In 'My Ecards' you can view draft ecard designs and company e-greetings scheduled to be sent at a later date, plus cards sent in the past. Drafts and Scheduled Ecards can still be viewed and edited if needed.