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New Collection: Last Christmas Ecards for 2020

Our elves have been hard at work this Christmas so much so they are still churning out beautiful Christmas Cards for those special inboxes today just a few days for Christmas.

None the less we feel like this might be some of the nicest Christmas Ecards available on the whole wide web, in fact, they might be someone of the nicest Xmas Ecards we have ever seen!

So before you finish the Christmas, Say Hello to somebody today with Ecard Mint.

Send Christmas Cards now guaranteed to turn up, unlike the Christmas post!

Merry Christmas from Ecard Mint

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How to have an Eco-Friendly Christmas with Ecard Mint

We all love Christmas but the fact is our favourite festive period can have a pretty harmful impact on the environment. In the UK around 30% more waste is created at Christmas than throughout the rest of the year. And that’s not all, around 6 million Christmas trees and nearly 300,000 tonnes of packaging are thrown away every single year.

So how can we be more green this winter, here at the Ecard Mint HQ we have been scratching our head and coming up with all sorts of good ideas! Handmade gifts, recycled wrapping paper and switching to Ecards all top our list.

We are really happy that more and more people are aiming for a green Christmas this year, so much so that many of the retailers are starting to take notice and change their wasteful ways

Stay tuned and find more about our further eco-conscious ideas about how to make your Christmas greener with Ecard Mint