Stamp Out Unnecessary Costs with Corporate Christmas Ecards

Last week, Royal Mail published its designs for Christmas 2014.

And whilst we can help but admire the festive illustrations, this announcement provided another reminder of the steep postage costs associated with sending a paper Christmas card.

With the stamp alone priced at a whopping 62p for first class (with a marginally cheaper option of 53p for Second-Class sending) we were encouraged to get out our calculators and do some seasonal sums to determine, once and for all, the real cost of sending a corporate Christmas card.

The Real Cost of a Corporate Christmas Card

If the average cost of a bespoke paper Christmas card is just £1 and a Second-Class stamp is 53p, the total cost of your card per recipient is £1.53 – providing that you’re organised enough to get yours ready to send by 18th December.

But not’s that all.

When you take into account the time that a staff member needs to dedicate to the task at hand – printing address labels, writing a personal message, signing the card and posting it – a conservative estimate would call to double this figure.

So if a company sends a card to 1,000 recipients at a cost of around £3 per card, it wouldn’t take Pythagoras to work out that the overall sum is going to be somewhere in the region of £3,000.

Compare that to sending one of our static company ecards for Christmas, where you’re looking at just £50 for the cost of the greeting and the sort of time commitment it would take for one employee to write out a paper card needed to customize and arrange for the sending of your digital design.

And the benefits aren’t just financial; sending a business e card for Christmas is an environmentally friendly way to reach out to employees, customers and business partners. Not to mention that with our company xmas ecards there’s no such thing as the last post, meaning that you can send your corporate holiday ecard on Christmas Day, if you really want to.

What’s the difference between sending a paper greetings card and a static e-card?

Based on sending your e card to 1,000 employees, our guess is that a company could save about £2,500 by opting to send their Christmas card by email rather than via conventional post. That’s quite a chunk of change in our books, certainly enough to buy everyone at least one drink at the Christmas party.

So yes, the new stamp designs from Royal Mail are quite nice, but the striking and unique festive greetings available at Ecard Mint could give you a licence to save money this Christmas.