‘In Two Weeks’ Time…’

Have you noticed that there’s a sort of weary commentary that goes with the passing of time around the festive season? People chiming with all the regularity of a cuckoo clock: ‘in a month…in three weeks…in two weeks’ time IT will all be over for another year.’ It starts to feels like all hope of achieving everything we set out to do at the beginning of the season gets more and more unlikely with every open door of the Advent calendar.

But why so weary? We think we might know why.

Because it’s this time, above any other time of year, that we pile on the pressure: to have the perfect turkey, to buy the best gifts, to throw the best office party and send the best corporate Christmas card.

All too often, people associate being the best with being the most stressed. It’s like we’re not just counting down till Christmas day but the time just after the Christmas pud’s been dished up. And when the timer finally reaches zero, you’ll finally be able to just relax and let your wine spill down your nice new apron as you drift off during the Queen’s speech.

Well we don’t want you to have to wait until then to relax. We know that some things aren’t just about tradition but making the most of this time of year… and we might just be able to help you with one of those things.

Keeping in touch, especially if you’re a small to medium sized business is important. So our corporate Christmas e cards provide the perfect solution to reminding someone that you’re still there and always happy to hear from them.

Christmas cards can also be expensive and time consuming, depending on how many people make the ‘nice’ list.

Naturally, we’re pretty big advocates of ecards. For a few reasons, really:

  • You’ll save on postage cost and be able to personalise your cards without hand-writing every single one.
  • You can send them to the office down the road or to your customers ‘down under’ at the click of a button.
  • You can schedule your ecard way in advance or send it at 4.55pm on the last working day of the year.

Of course, we would say that. But we do actually believe that they can help relieve one of the big burdens of the festive period – letting you get on with worrying about the really important things, like whether to buy pre-made pigs in blankets (sure, they save time – but convenience like that comes at a premium).

So yes, we can help with that. To the other things, we say: ‘so what?!’ if the Turkey’s a little dry, if your relative asks if you still have the receipt for the scarf you bought them, or if you throw the worst party since Noah decided to put the world’s deadliest animals in the same room as the tastiest ones.

Christmas will come. And go. And come again. You’ll get more than one shot at it.

And as for keeping your clients? We’d like to say the same goes…

…but we’re determined not to get coal this Christmas.

Ecard Mint specialise in designing unique e cards for business including company birthday ecards.