How corporate ecards keep on giving

At a time when competition for business is tough, companies must constantly be looking for ways to elevate themselves within their field. Making a donation to a charity is a powerful way in which companies can do just this by attracting consumers, retaining employees and improving their reputation.

Numerous studies have proven that by supporting philanthropic causes, companies do better; it attracts consumers and makes employees happier. Cone Inc. have carried out research that proves just this. In their 2008 study* they found that almost 80% of consumers stated that they would start using a different brand if they were associated with a good cause and an even greater proportion stated that when a company supports a cause that they care about, they have a more positive image of that company and are more likely to buy its products.

Ecard Mint corporate cards can help you integrate your charity donations into your marketing strategy by allowing you to add a ‘donate’ button to your card. Additionally, the relatively low cost of sending an ecard gives you the perfect opportunity to tell the recipients that you have donated the amount that you usually would have spent on sending printed cards on a donation to your dedicated charity.

This provides the perfect opportunity to tell you clients and partners about your social ethos. Get creative with the charity you support – choose a local charity to build connections with the community in which you work, or donate to a cause which relates to your business and affects your target audience.

*Cone, Inc. “Past. Present. Future. The 25th Anniversary of Cause Marketing Research Study.” Cone Cause Evolution Study” (2008):10.