Christmas Gif

Getting Ready for Christmas in 10 GIFs with Ecard Mint

As Christmas draws closer and each year starting earlier, or so it seems here at the Ecard Mint Headquarters we have found some coping mechanisms to help ease us into the winter season.

We like to think of our selves as Christmas pro’s at Ecard Mint, with thousands upon thousands of Christmas Ecards and also now Printed Bespoke Christmas Cards flying off our shelves each season we know a thing or two about old Saint Nicholas.

So explore some Christmas traditions new and old in 10 GIFs.

1.Christmas Get’s Earlier Every Year (C.G.E.E.Y) – It’s October – Yes it is. But none the less Christmas is coming and you can’t stop it.

2. Festive Coffees Incoming – Yes you know it’s all over when the Festive Coffee hits the Shelves.

3. Mince Pie’s hit the Stores – Wait it’s still October though…

4. The Pre-Christmas Sales – Now there are sales before Christmas, and then after.

5. The Christmas Advertising Season – Okay things are getting real now…

6. Visit a Christmas Market – Yes it will most likely have an Ice Rink don’t worry.

7. Christmas Tree Time – Christmas ornaments slowly change from decorations to memories.

8. Christmas Office Party – No jokes about last year’s incident in the office photocopier room.

9. Sending Ecards – Looping Christmas Animations we have those here

10. Have a good Christmas – Things might be a bit different this year but making sure you stay in touch with those that matter stays the same. Send Ecards to Friends, Family or Clients today.