The Email Marketer’s Countdown to Christmas

With Thanksgiving celebrations just a couple of days away, marketing focus has recently seen a sudden shift from the last Thursday to the last Friday of November.

Black Friday is often thought to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Although an American tradition, it’s one that seems to be creeping across the Atlantic with some International companies eager to make it date that UK diaries will recognise.

The most prominent example of this is offered by the mighty online retailer, Amazon. Never one to miss a trick, the retail giant has extended the reach of its Black Friday email marketing campaigns out to UK customers – to help us Brits feel more included whilst providing reminder that the Black Friday flash sales are the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the gift-buying game.

For the most part though, the run up to the festive season here in the UK has been under way since the Halloween pumpkins were carved.

UK consumers watched as High Street Brands like John Lewis and Sainsbury’s squared up to one another at the beginning of November releasing lavish Christmas advertising campaigns, both seemingly aimed at making their customers cry.

It’s a strange angle, but one that seems to be paying off with both companies reporting a record response to their ads.

Screenshots of John Lewis and Sainsbury's Christmas Adverts

Battle of the Christmas Ads – John Lewis vs Sainsbury’s

But with just one month to go before Christmas day, whether Stateside or not, one thing’s for certain for online marketers – the clock is ticking.

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