Ecards: Keeping your contacts warm without spamming them

It’s no secret that people do business with people they like. We are living in a digital age and companies are pouring resources into building relationships and ‘likeability’ through social media networks. The long term aim of such strategies involves converting these connections into leads. Ecards can be used to complement this: they can be used to keep contacts who you connect with regularly warm, without constantly bombarding them with marketing messages.

Ecards also provide a way of reconnecting with old contacts in a way that doesn’t seem overly ‘salesy’ and they can help to build a more personal connection with the recipients: a personalised birthday card, or a thank you note for someone’s custom, can work wonders. Not only can you build and reinforce these connections with ecards, but you can easily measure the results and benefits that they reap. The measurable analytics provided by our ecards mean that you can track precisely how contacts respond to the card and can thus learn more about what drives your business relationships.