Ecards as your key marketing strategy this Christmas

With Christmas comes the intrinsic nature of giving. This makes the seasonal period a hugely significant time for businesses and companies to connect and engage with employees, customers and stakeholders whilst efficiently marketing their business. Connecting, engaging and marketing all have a huge progressive impact on your business whilst your investment in sending ecards this Christmas, and the rest of the year, offers the potential to yield high returns. A simple, cost effective and timely way of achieving this is through use of ecards. With this is mind, we decided to highlight the ways ecards promote success in these areas;

The ability to boost customer loyalty

By sending ecards to customers this Christmas, you are offering a personal engagement and connection with the recipient whilst reinforcing your brand. This is met with appreciation and loyalty which can result in an increase the number of repeat purchases and/or subscription renewals.

Help build and maintain strong relationships

To build and maintain strong relationships between customers, stakeholders and staff is a fundamental necessity of any business, particularly small businesses. It has a significant impact on the success of a business due to a number of advantages. It builds trust and loyalty and can promote repeat purchases and subscription renewals within customers.

Increasing workplace motivation

Benefits to heightened workplace motivation include increased productivity, high quality of work, a persistent and creative drive and a stability of your work force, which is very important to your company reputation. Acknowledgement and recognition of staff as individuals and appreciating the hard work they do is met with increased workplace motivation. By sending an ecard to your staff this Christmas, you’re not only showing you care but giving recognition and appreciation.

Heighten brand awareness

Ecards are transported electronically and it is there electronic nature that allows them to provide a much fuller experience for the recipient than traditional greeting cards. With creative animations, custom made options and audio providing a memorable and engaging user experience, your customers and clients will associate the memorable experience with your brand. This reiterates your branding and creates lasting, heightened brand awareness.

Fundamentally, there is a huge potential in the use of ecards to businesses over the seasonal period. So with this is mind, we thought we’d give you a couple of previews of our Christmas ecards that will be available when the website launches.

Merry Christmas Ecard Mint Preview

Merry Christmas Ecard Mint Preview

Season's Greetings Ecard Mint Preview

Season’s Greetings Ecard Mint Preview