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NEW COLLECTION: Thanksgiving Ecards for 2020

Like so many across the globe, it’s been a rather hard year due to COVID. We know this Thanksgiving might not be the usual joy of filling a home with good food and good company but none the less the importance of connection is still there.

So we implore you to use Ecard Mint to stay in touch with those that matter, this is why we have reduced all Thanksgiving Ecards to only $1.30 this year for both Animated Thanksgiving Ecards and Static Thanksgiving Ecards.

Here’s a few of the new Thanksgiving Ecards we have added to the collection for 2020.

1. Turkey Day

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2. Drum Stick

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3. Thankful

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It’s Not Too Late to Send your Thanksgiving Greetings!

We thought we’d give you a little reminder that it’s not too late to send out your Thanksgiving greeting. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for you to emotionally connect with your customers and express a heartfelt gratitude for all they do for your business. Choose one of our corporate Thanksgiving ecards, customise and schedule it to be sent out immediately or first thing in the morning.

Turkey Breakout

The humorous Turkey Breakout business ecard is a firm favourite with our customers, click the image to view and send.

Turkey Thanksgiving Ecards

Turkey Thanksgiving Company Ecard

While you’re at it why not browse our selection of static and animated business Christmas ecards? Just customise, select your sending preferences and send!

New Animated Thanksgiving Ecard Added

We are very pleased to announce that our new animated Thanksgiving corporate ecard has now been added to the site and is available for businesses to customise and send.

What does thanksgiving mean to you?

This corporate Thanksgiving e-greeting encompasses all the traditions of the holiday from its origins at the Plymouth Rock all the way through to parades, football, family and feasts – we’ve even included those long journeys for authenticity.

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Thanksgiving Corporate E-Card

Thanksgiving Corporate E-Card

Whatever Thanksgiving means to you, don’t forget to show your gratitude to customers, staff and affiliates this November 27th.

Browse more of the corporate Thanksgiving e-greetings on Ecard Mint along with our range of business holiday ecards all ready to customise and send.

A Brand New Thanksgiving Ecard is on the Way

For businesses, thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to give thanks to the customers and employees that play a vital role in their success. We know how far a simple ‘thanks’ can go which is why we’re in the process of creating a brand new thanksgiving company ecard.

The Storyboard Sneak Preview

The majority of people look forward to thanksgiving simply for the home cooked turkey feast, parades, football and the rare opportunity to relax with loved ones; all traditions that began when the first harvest meal was held in 1621. Our newest corporate thanksgiving ecard depicts all things thanksgiving, from the beginning to the present day.

Thanksgiving Story Board

Thanksgiving Corporate Ecard Storyboard

Our newest animation will shortly be joining our collection of existing thanksgiving business ecards and will be available for businesses to customise and send to customers and clients, near or far. Stay tuned on the blog for upcoming previews of our new ecard.

Don’t forget to view our selection of corporate Christmas ecards which you can customise and schedule ahead of the date.