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Support our Doctors and Nurses during the Covid-19 crisis

We are living through unprecedented and fearful times, but our amazing medical staff are selflessly working long hours to help and treat those infected with coronavirus. Every nurse and doctor who goes to work are risking getting ill and ultimately putting their own lives on the line, so we must show our appreciation by and thanks be sending them messages of support.

We have created a small range of special Thank You Ecards for you to send to all doctors and nurses that you know. Every Thank You Ecard on our website is a free Ecard so there is nothing to prevent you from sharing them as many times as you can.

Thank you doctors and nurses Ecard

Thank you doctors and nurses Ecard

Doctors Thank you Ecard GIF

Thank you Ecard GIF to send to doctors

Thank You Nurses Ecard GIF

Thank You Nurses Ecard GIF

Thank You UK NHS Ecard

Thank You NHS Ecard

We have many Thank You Ecards to send for Free, if you have received help and treatment from medical staff, a surgeon, doctor or nurse during the coronavirus, why not send them one of our free Ecards or an animated GIF to say thank you.

Ecards are perfect to send while socially isolating or if you are in quarantine as there is no chance of spreading the covid 19 virus as it is all delivered by email.