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Ecard Mint’s Very Own Flappy Bird

We thought it might be relevant with all the recent hype around the highly addictive (and highly frustrating) game app ‘Flappy Bird’ to share a few of our interactive business e cards.

After all, we’ve got a couple of games that feature our very own flappy bird (more specifically, turkey) as he avoids the perils of the holiday season in Turkey Shoot and Runaway Turkey.

Play the Turkey Shoot game and watch our bird flap

Play the Turkey Shoot game and watch our bird flap

If the popularity of ‘Flappy Bird’ has taught us anything (other than to download the latest app craze while you still have the chance) it’s that people like to be distracted from the mundane for a couple of minutes with a quick game of something simple. Our ecard games do just that.

Play Lob the Leader and Pelt Some Politicians

Play Lob the Leader and Pelt Some Politicians

Not that we advocate procrastination in the workplace… but we do happen to think that they do serve a purpose. They’re a great way of rewarding a hardworking and dedicated team at the end of another successful year. Our ‘Lob the Leader’ game in particular is especially popular with businesses – not just because the aim of the game is to pelt as many politicians as possible with snowballs – but because in the past we’ve been commissioned to create bespoke corporate Christmas ecards that sub the faces of the MPs with those of the unsuspecting bosses’.

We also think that ecard games are a really great way to get people’s attention whilst reminding them of you as a brand. In essence, what we provide are ecards first and a game second. They might be extremely addictive, but they also offer the opportunity to add a company logo and a website URL to the greeting as well a personal message that might just help you get that other foot in the door.

Ecard Mint also offers email marketing opportunities in the form of Company Birthday ecards and an extensive range of Employee e card designs for business. 

Best Internet Marketing Techniques

Over the years we’ve come to learn that there’s no ‘quick-win’ when it comes to online marketing.

A definition of the notion itself is so fluid and dependent on changing user trends and search engine responses that it’s hard to really pin down the best internet marketing techniques available to small and medium sized businesses trying to make their presence known amongst a sea of competitors.

So we’re sorry for the slightly misleading title, we don’t have all the answers. However we do have this rather interesting case study with the same title which we’d like to share.

The case study investigates a start-up Summer Camp business in their first year and investigates which internet marketing avenues provided the best ROI.

Unsurprisingly, the tool which proved most successful for driving traffic was the humble blog. It’s something in online marketing that we hear over and over again – relevant and fresh content is key to web success and a blog provides the perfect platform. The case study admits that for a successful campaign you’ll need to post at least one blog per week and keep it up.

Yet the insight given is not all so well-worn. The case study provides some interesting surprises especially in relation to social networking; LinkedIn, for example, doesn’t fare too well in this particular example.

The case study also comes with a note of caution; as soon as the camp owners began looking to promote their new business online there were flooded with emails and calls from scammers promising first page rankings and other unrealistic claims. Even if their claims are in some way true, the methods used are dubious and whilst they may result in a slight increase in traffic, it will be temporary. What’s more, it could damage your website in the long run as search engines are constantly working to crack down on these underhand tactics.

Ultimately after reading this case study, that old adage – if anything that’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly – feels remarkably apt. The best return always comes from things you invest in. And just as this case study shows, that investment doesn’t always have to be financial.

For a more in-depth look, read the full case study here or browse the presentation below:

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