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Information about new corporate ecards website. Take a look at why our business ecard website is head and shoulders above the rest.

Ecard Mint Goes Live!

Here at Ecard Mint, we are thrilled to announce that the new website is now live! We’ve made it no secret that ecards are very beneficial to businesses for a variety of different reasons. So with this in mind, we have designed a variety of different occasion-based, appreciation and reward e-greetings for you to benefit from. Developed for an assortment of different business applications, our colourful and vibrant ecards are great for aiding marketing communications and campaigns or just celebrating!

Here are a couple of bits of information on what you can do on Ecard Mint:

Either create your own static ecard or customise an existing one

All you need to do is add your company logo, message, website link and social media options.

Have your own viral game, unique ecard or online advertising and websites

With the bespoke service, have your own creation designed by our talented team.

You no longer have to look for a solution to your card sending needs we have a wonderfully simple one for you, which is particularly useful with Christmas coming up! Click here to start browsing today, and enjoy! Let us know what you think on our Facebook!

A Useful Guide To Six Online Marketing Metrics

As you know, here at Ecard Mint we like to highlight the genuinely useful from the not so useful when it comes to online marketing information available on the web. As you probably know, there are plenty of articles, blogs, free tips and tools out there for you to browse, but having to decipher the good from the bad can be overwhelming, to say the least. This week we’ve found the six marketing metrics, courtesy of Hubspot, which definitely falls under the ‘genuinely useful’. Enjoy!

Six Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

“As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on a sometimes laundry-list of metrics. But with studies that show 73% of executives don’t believe that marketing drives demand and revenue, we have to make sure that we can prove the ROI of our marketing efforts. ”

This useful marketing guide, brought to you by Hubspot, offers a marketing cheat sheet of metrics and a guide that looks at the most critical measures of marketing. These range from six marketing metrics that prove the value of your marketing by detailing formulas that enable you to calculate metrics along with explanations to interpret your own marketing success. Through use of scenario, Hubspot offers scenarios that demonstrate why these metrics are important. By following the online guide, you can not only interpret which aspects of your marketing strategy need more focus and which should be avoided, resulting in a more effective online strategy.

A Second Design Preview From Ecard Mint

With the launch of the Ecard Mint website due in just a couple of weeks, we thought it important to keep you updated on our design templates. Below is a preview of the Classic design template.

Ecard Mint Classic Style Template

Ecard Mint Classic Style Template

Available in a red, green or blue, the elegance of this template is undeniable, from its stylish font to the subtle yet graceful background. This design, ready to be personalised to suit your specific needs, is ideal for any occasion you may be using it for whether it be for,

  • Birthday’s
  • Christmas
  • Product launching
  • Customer reward and appreciation
  • Marketing communications and campaigns
  • Employee motivations
  • Charitable fundraising

Design Preview for Ecard Mint

Christmas is just around the corner and Ecard Mint have been working hard developing an exciting new range of ecards. We know you will soon be looking for high quality, cost effective ways to connect with business clients and customers over the seasonal period. With this is mind and Ecard Mint’s website launch approaching we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to present a preview of our Desk style ecard.

Red Desk Design Template. Ecard Mint Preview

Red Desk Design Template. Ecard Mint Preview

The sophisticated leather design comes in an assortment of colours and is one of many templates you can choose to personalise your ecard. Incorporate your company logo, message and website link to your customised seasonal Christmas e-greetings, then send to clients and customers for a low cost solution with minimal hassle. Ecard Mint provides a service whereby a template of your choice can be tailored to your needs in order to offer quality ecards that are relevant to your B2B and B2C affiliations.

New Corporate E-Greetings Website Launch – October 2013

Dedicated company Ecard creator Ecard Mint have been busy over the summer, developing the new website, and creating a range of B2C and B2B ecards for companies to send.

The website which can be found at is due for full launch in early October 2013, but there is a lot to do before it can go live. Once the developers have completed all pages and the site is populated with animated and static ecards, a few round of testing will take place to ensure that everything is running smoothly and all technical glitches are ironed out before allowing the public access.

Ecards offer a wealth of potential applications and benefits for the business client.

  • Christmas, birthday and other occasion-based greetings to customers and staff.
  • Customer reward and appreciation ecards eg. thank you for your custom, sorry for a customer service issue, thank you for joining/renewing a subscription or membership, renewal reminder notice.
  • Corporate announcements and events eg. company news, new shop/branch opening, change of address, key company milestones and successes, event/conference/exhibition invitations.
  • Marketing communications and campaigns eg. launch of new products and services, sales/special offers/discounts, keeping business contacts warm without over-selling, engendering brand likeability, gaining at-desk attention with an animated mini-ad.
  • Employee motivation, recognition and reward programmes eg. showing appreciation to staff and colleagues for a job well done, rewarding and celebrating staff achievements, acknowledging staff anniversaries/promotions/retirements, anncouncing office parties (Christmas, leaving, celebration, awards nights, etc).
  • Charitable fundraising eg. thank you for donating, supporter contact and appreciation, updates on progress against fundraising targets.


Introducing the Ecard Mint blog: why ecards for business?

A versatile and highly cost-effective marketing tool may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘ecard’. However, in recent years the use of ecards for business has seen a significant increase across several key markets including the USA, UK and Australia. Typically, businesses have started by migrating their annual company Christmas card mailing from print to ecard format, then, realising the considerable benefits of digital greetings, have expanded their usage to a broader range of marketing applications.

What makes the ecard such an appealing addition to the marketer’s communication toolbox? Why are business ecards being embraced by companies both small and large? How can public sector organisations and non-profits leverage this cost-effective tool to help their marketing budgets go further?

Here on the Ecard Mint blog we’ll be exploring these types of questions on a weekly basis (you’re busy people, we don’t want to bombard you). We’ll share our experiences of corporate ecards and their potential benefits for a wide range of business purposes – from marketing to internal staff communications.

Once the Ecard Mint website is launched and in full swing from around September, we’ll add some ‘how to’ posts as well as client perspectives and case studies. We’ll also keep our eye on the wider digital marketing world and share some interesting resources, snippets and perspectives.

We look forward to sharing with you and would be delighted to hear your views and experiences.