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New Funny Office Ecards

If you’ve ever heard the saying, ‘laughter is serious business’, then you’ll know the importance of humour as a tool for communication.

And to make sure you hit the right comic note, at Ecard Mint we’ve been busy devising a selection of funny e-greetings to share with colleagues and work associates all year round.

This retro range of ecards focuses on off-the-wall office humour and can be found amongst other funny greetings in our Humorous Ecards category.

Flagpole Business Ecard

An illustrated ecard of a retro businessman, pipe in hand, delivers the line: ‘Why don’t you run your idea up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.’ This e-card pokes harmless fun at the funny business clichés that, when you think about them long and hard enough, make little or no sense.

Run it up the flag pole

Why don’t you run your idea up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it

Blooming Company E Card

Our retro businessman is back to offer some sound business advice: ‘Don’t become an undertaker, it’s a dying business, but currently the flower industry is blooming.’ This funny corporate e-card is perfect for any pun-loving client or colleague.

Blooming business E card

Currently the flower industry is blooming

Statistics Email Greeting

Another comic company e card from our retro businessman as he wryly assures us that, ‘42 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot!!’ A helpful and humorous reminder that in business there is a statistic for everything.

Statistics Company E card

42 percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

Not My Circus Corporate E-Greeting

A manager offers some sound advice in this comic business e-card. This card incorporates the well-known saying, ‘not my circus, not my monkeys,’ which reminds us all not to get sucked into other people’s drama. A useful mantra to pass on to co-workers and even family and friends in pertinent times.

Not my circus humorous ecard

Not my circus, not my monkeys

‘Just to Mix Things Up’ E Card for Business

A manager lets us in on his secrets to success: Sometimes I like to put my computer on my chair and sit on my desktop. You know, just to mix things up. This amusing and slightly silly ecard is just the ticket when you need to lighten the mood at work.

Mix things up funny Ecard

Sometimes I like to put my computer on my chair and sit on my desk…

‘Retro’ Sandwich Ecard

This funny business ecards offers another humorous insight into yet another quirk of office life – lunchtime. Whether you’re someone who delights in cooking up all kinds of cuisines in the shared kitchen or who prefers to steer clear of the communal microwave, this ecard is sure to unite all employees in laughter.

Sandwich Corporate egreeting

Cant you bring a sandwich like everyone else?

Customisable Ecards for Your Company

Personalising your ecard for your contacts is easy. Just choose a corporate ecard design and click ‘Customise your Ecard’ to get started. And once you sign up for a free account with us, you can save changes to your e-greeting, allowing you further customise and send at a later date.

New Modern Humour Office E-Cards

Share a laugh with colleagues and clients when you send our all-new Humour Ecards, which poke fun at the eccentricities of the contemporary workplace.

From the technology of touchscreen to the modern phenomenon of outsourcing, these retro business e-cards are designed to encourage a smile from anyone who remembers the sound of dial-up modem or who stills knows how to fax a double-sided document.

Below are the four new designs in this collection of funny company e-greetings, which can all be found in the static Humorous Corporate Ecards category.

‘Paper’ Corporate Ecard

The humour in this ecard explores how computers and paperless technology have become fundamental to office life… to the point where the old methods/tools of the trade are considered alien and new. At his desk, the worker in this illustration explains: ‘Today, I’ll be using something called paper, which is a bit like a computer, but a fraction of the price.’

'Paper' funny business Ecard

Today I’ll be using something called paper.

Window Business E-card

This funny company ecard is a satirical take on corporate ambitions to move with the times. The employee in this illustration unveils state of the art ‘interactive windows’ proudly praising their (not so) innovative capabilities including: ‘instant weather updates and touchscreen temperature technology’.

'Window' Corporate E card

Our new interactive windows are cutting edge…

Before Computers Company Ecard

It’s difficult to imagine office life without computers – but this comic corporate e-card helps. Of course, no employee would dream of playing solitaire whilst the work piled up around them. Though, if they did, this is exactly what it would look like, pre-computers.

Before Computers Company Ecard

Oh so this is what work was like before computers

Outsourcing Work E-Greeting

This amusing e-card puts a spotlight on the sometimes-wacky world of outsourcing, where business tasks travel all over the world, just to come back to where they started. In this retro ecard design, a businesswoman informs her colleagues: ‘Remember that job we outsourced to China? Well they outsourced it to India who outsourced it to Brazil, who outsourced it back to us!’

Outsourcing Business Ecards

Remember that job we outsourced to China…

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