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Ecard designs for employees including information about sending email greetings to staff for birthdays and other celebrations.

New Funny E cards for Employees

Shun the sentimental in favour of the funny, with these new employee business ecards, great for congratulating your employees on their new job or promotion.

These ecards use the same cheerleading design with different captions to suit the occasion.

New Job Ecard

For employees celebrating a new job, this green e-card design reads: ’With a heavy heart and a tear in her eye it was time to reluctantly say farewell to everyone and move on to pastures new’. This sentiment is placed alongside the somewhat opposing image of the cheerleader jumping for joy. Below, the main greeting reads: ‘Good Luck with Your New Job’.

Congratulations on your new job ecard

Congratulations on your new job employee ecard

Promotion Ecard

This tongue in cheek e-card with its seemingly mismatched image and caption has been adapted for employees celebrating a promotion in this pink ecard design. Using the same image of the cheerleader-mid-cheer, this company ecard reads: ‘And with a heavy heart and a tear in her eye, she leapt up the stairs to the floor with the great views and executive wash room.’ The greeting ‘Congrats on Your Promotion’ follows.

Congratulations on your promotion

Congratulations on your promotion company ecard

Employee Ecards for Every Occasion

At Ecard Mint, we’re always updating and adding new designs to our e-card categories. For more comic e-greetings to send to members of your team for every occasion browse our Employee Ecard category.

New Funny Office Ecards

If you’ve ever heard the saying, ‘laughter is serious business’, then you’ll know the importance of humour as a tool for communication.

And to make sure you hit the right comic note, at Ecard Mint we’ve been busy devising a selection of funny e-greetings to share with colleagues and work associates all year round.

This retro range of ecards focuses on off-the-wall office humour and can be found amongst other funny greetings in our Humorous Ecards category.

Flagpole Business Ecard

An illustrated ecard of a retro businessman, pipe in hand, delivers the line: ‘Why don’t you run your idea up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.’ This e-card pokes harmless fun at the funny business clichés that, when you think about them long and hard enough, make little or no sense.

Run it up the flag pole

Why don’t you run your idea up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it

Blooming Company E Card

Our retro businessman is back to offer some sound business advice: ‘Don’t become an undertaker, it’s a dying business, but currently the flower industry is blooming.’ This funny corporate e-card is perfect for any pun-loving client or colleague.

Blooming business E card

Currently the flower industry is blooming

Statistics Email Greeting

Another comic company e card from our retro businessman as he wryly assures us that, ‘42 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot!!’ A helpful and humorous reminder that in business there is a statistic for everything.

Statistics Company E card

42 percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

Not My Circus Corporate E-Greeting

A manager offers some sound advice in this comic business e-card. This card incorporates the well-known saying, ‘not my circus, not my monkeys,’ which reminds us all not to get sucked into other people’s drama. A useful mantra to pass on to co-workers and even family and friends in pertinent times.

Not my circus humorous ecard

Not my circus, not my monkeys

‘Just to Mix Things Up’ E Card for Business

A manager lets us in on his secrets to success: Sometimes I like to put my computer on my chair and sit on my desktop. You know, just to mix things up. This amusing and slightly silly ecard is just the ticket when you need to lighten the mood at work.

Mix things up funny Ecard

Sometimes I like to put my computer on my chair and sit on my desk…

‘Retro’ Sandwich Ecard

This funny business ecards offers another humorous insight into yet another quirk of office life – lunchtime. Whether you’re someone who delights in cooking up all kinds of cuisines in the shared kitchen or who prefers to steer clear of the communal microwave, this ecard is sure to unite all employees in laughter.

Sandwich Corporate egreeting

Cant you bring a sandwich like everyone else?

Customisable Ecards for Your Company

Personalising your ecard for your contacts is easy. Just choose a corporate ecard design and click ‘Customise your Ecard’ to get started. And once you sign up for a free account with us, you can save changes to your e-greeting, allowing you further customise and send at a later date.

Brand New Birthday Ecard

Over the long winter months, send employees a touch of summer on their special day with our brand new corporate birthday e-greeting.

Birthday E-greeting

Folky Flowers Corporate Birthday E-greeting

At Ecard Mint we like to make things easy for you. Our Birthday mailing list feature allows you to upload a mailing list with all the email addresses and birth dates of your customers and staff. That means that on the day your company birthday ecards will automatically be sent out by us – you don’t have to do a thing. Now all you have to worry about is the cake.

Paris New Year Ecard

We are proud to present to you our latest New Year business e card to be added to our varied and growing collection.

This ‘Bonne Année’ message, translating to ‘Good Year’ in English, is accompanied by an artistically designed Paris at the strike of midnight.

New Year Company Ecard

Paris New Year Company Ecard

This business ecard is ideal for companies based in Paris to send to their international counterparts. Get the New Year off to a promising start with your clients, customers and staff by adding your own personal ‘Happy New Year’ message.

Celebrate Staff Birthdays

Staff Birthdays can be tricky. Remembering birth dates, finding the appropriate card and having it signed by the whole department can be time consuming. As you can see from our brand new birthday ecard below, we offer the perfect solution to employee Birthdays; corporate birthday ecards.


You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a staff Birthday again with our scheduling feature. Just customise your chosen corporate ecard, upload a list with all your employees and their birth dates and we’ll arrange for it to be sent out on the day; hassle free.

Employee Ecards

Recognise the efforts of a particularly hard-worker and highlight their exemplary performance with this ‘You Are Totally Awesome’ business ecard.

Employee Ecard

Employee Ecard

This employee ecard can be previewed and viewed on a range of handheld and portable devices including iPads and iPhones so catch them wherever they are.

Christmas and New Year Ecard

Drum Roll Please…

Today we reveal our newest Christmas and New Year Company E-card.

Successful business partnerships rely on the management of the relationship, not just the deal. So get the New Year off to a good start and celebrate Christmas and New Year with your business counterparts.

Christmas & New Year Corporate Ecard

Christmas & New Year Corporate Ecard

If you’re looking for a company Christmas e-card or a business ecard for any other annual occasion click here to browse the rest of our collection.

Employee Ecards

It’s no secret that recognition, appreciation and open lines of communication make for a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a productive workplace. Here at Ecard Mint we work hard to make sure we’re focused on expanding our employee business ecard collection. Recently, we have added four animated ecards to our ’employee’ category so thought we’d give you a run down on whats new.

Get Well Soon Ecards

Show them they’re a missed and valued member of the team when you send them this Get Well Soon corporate e card. This animation shows builders hard at work to deliver your message.

Get Well Soon Employee Ecard

Get Well Soon Employee Ecard

This ‘Billboard’ Get Well Ecard is bound to lift their spirits. Designed in a range of fun, stylistic fonts, the customisable animated corporate e card is great way to wish them on the road to recovery.

Get Well Soon Animated Ecard

Get Well Soon Animated Ecard

Congratulatory Ecard

Designed in pop art style font, our new Congratulations Billboard animated ecard is a great way to celebrate a promotion, personal victory or special occasion with a coworker or employee.

Congratulations Business Ecard

Congratulations Business Ecard

Good Luck Ecard

With a ‘lucky clover’ green acting as the foundation for this ‘Good Luck’ message, and a horse shoe thrown in for good measure, wish them all the best with the luck of the Irish.

Good Luck Ecard

Animated Good Luck Corporate Ecard

All our animated corporate e cards are now available for as little as £10 to send to 20 recipients at a time. Corporate e cards are not only great for boosting workplace morale, they’re a great email marketing tool so at such a low cost, you’re bound to see a positive return on  your investment.

Boost Workplace Productivity with Corporate Ecards

The old saying: a happy workplace is a productive workplace is very fitting when it comes to corporate success. A motivated workforce leads to increased levels of engagement, which can result in higher profits for the company. Ultimately, it pays to invest in your people. Here at Ecard Mint we understand the importance of a happy workplace so here are 4 ways you can use corporate ecards to boost staff productivity.

Corporate Birthday Ecards

Wish your employees a Happy Birthday and use the opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication, not just for that day, but every day of the year. Our corporate Birthday ecards have a handy mailing list feature that allows you to schedule a personalised ecard to go out to all your employees on their special days.

Corporate Birthday Ecards

Corporate Birthday Ecards


A motivated workforce means better business performance. Taking a positive approach to a problem can have a profound effect in the way it is dealt with. By sending a motivational ecard to your employees, help inspire creative thinking and give them the boost they need to succeed.

Motivational Ecard

Motivational Business Ecard


When you are appreciated for something you’ve put a lot of effort in to you gain confidence in your abilities and it is this that plays a vital role in success. If employees know that they are likely to be praised for hard work, they will strive to do better.

Appreciation Ecard

Appreciation Corporate E card


While team cohesion and support is vital to a workforce, employees need to be recognised as individuals for their unique talents and abilities. By recognising the efforts of an individual who has gone beyond the call of duty, you’re showing them you value their hard work.

Appreciation Business E card

Appreciation Business E card

By utilising corporate ecards, you can boost morale in the workplace resulting in huge benefits for your business. These days a lot of focus is put on customer satisfaction but it’s equally as important to invest time into your employees; happy employees equal happy customers. Not only that, when your workforce feels appreciated they are more likely to represent your brand in a positive and enthusiastic way.


It’s a no brainer.