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All the latest ecard designs and updates about our newest categories all available to view via the Ecard Mint blog.

New Employee Designs from Ecard Mint

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of two ecard designs to launch our new Employee category within the animated branch of Ecard Mint. 

The ‘Congratulations on Your Promotion’ animations have been developed from the static ‘Team’ category of business ecards. Starring illustrated office characters drawn in a retro style, alongside the relevant greetings messages, the static company employee ecards have been created in consideration of a variety of workplace occasions – such as welcoming new staff members on board or saying a fond farewell to employees on their retirement.

At Ecard Mint, we always try and make our designs as versatile as possible, which is why our new designs feature one female and one male option to offer a more representative ecard for the newly promoted recipient.

Animated Employee Ecards - Design Preview

New Animated Employee Ecards – Design Previews

The new company e cards show employees as they jump for joy beside the ‘Congratulations on Your Promotion’ message and dance to the upbeat music playing in the background.

The addition of the new employee ecard category in the animated section of the site is all part of our plan to offer a diverse range of email marketing communications suitable for both internal and external use.

We think that these designs, in both static and animated Employee categories provide a really valuable opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to acknowledge and show their appreciation to exceptional members of staff, to keep their morale high and to ensure that the best people feel valued and happy in their organisation.

They encourage celebration of the important landmarks of the team member’s career within their company and help build better relationships between the employer and employee.

We’re constantly developing our animated range to incorporate more of the versatile static categories for business use, which include Announcement, Invitation and Appreciation ecards – as well as the ever-popular business Christmas ecards and  corporate Birthday e cards.

Visitors to the site can preview and customise their chosen design before they sign up. Ecard Mint offer a ‘Pay As You Go’ payment option as well as Silver and Gold membership deals with discounts for users looking to send more than one ecard to employees, customers and clients.  

Sending Your First Ecard

Did You Know Ecard

Doing things for the first time is rarely easy. Doing them alongside the other twenty things you’re supposed to do before the end of the day is even harder.

As many people visiting the site might have concerns about sending their corporate e cards for the first time, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do a quick run-through of the process to help you on your way.

Follow these instructions in a separate window alongside your main browser to make the process even simpler.

Do I need an account?

First off we should say you don’t need an account to choose and customise an ecard. So feel free to have a play around and preview our designs without joining. If you fancy saving your design to edit at a later date, it’s free and quick to set up an account. All you need to do is go to the ‘My Account’ tab on the homepage and click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button.

Choose your ecard category

Our ecard designs are listed in categories related to special events or topics including Company Christmas ecards, Business Birthday Ecards as well as Moving and Thank You ecards. To find the appropriate greeting, go to the ‘Send an Ecard’ tab to the left of the Ecard Mint logo. Click it and a drop-down menu will appear. The categories are listed in two columns: static and animated. Click on the relevant category to begin browsing the designs.

Browse our range of ecards

Now for the fun bit! Click the green ‘View this Ecard’ button to preview as many cards as you like. Once the ecard you have chosen to view is displayed, you can click the grey ‘Back to Category’ button to go return or ‘Next’ to preview the designs one after another.

Customise your ecard

Once you’re satisfied that you found just the right ecard, click the orange ‘Customise this Ecard’ button beneath your chosen design. Here you can make the design your company’s own by uploading your logo, adding social buttons and a link to your website.

To add your own text to the greeting, click on the headline or personal message sections. Write your message and alter the text style, size, colour and position using the formatting options above.

When you click on the signature and logo boxes your file browser window will open, allowing you to find and select the files required.

Copy and paste your company web address into the box which appears when you ‘Click here to enter your website URL’.

Options for adding your social media accounts, the logo of your chosen charity if you’re making a donation, and to change your background colour can be found beneath with detailed instructions on how to add/change these features.

You can add to and edit as many or as little of these customisable options as you deem necessary for your greeting. To see how your finished design will appear to recipients, click on the green ‘Preview Ecard’ button at the bottom of the page.

Sign up or sign in

If you’ve already created an account with us, great! Here’s where you can sign in and continue through to the final stages of the process.

If you’re already signed in then you’ll completely miss out the sign in page.

If not, all you have to do here is add a few details: Your name, name of your company, email address, chosen password along with confirmation and country (to make sure payment appears in the right currency).

Once you’re signed in you can save your card for later or continue on to the next step.

Choose your mailing preferences

Now it’s time to choose your mailing preferences. When would you like your card to arrive? Do you want to send it? Or can we do that for you? You can also choose what the cover email will look like. If you’re sending the card yourself, the cover email will be created by you. If not, you can choose several options on the format and wording used when you send.

It’s at this stage that you can send a test email to make sure your card is just how you want it. This is sent free of charge, but the ecard will be watermarked.

Add your mailing list

Add your contacts one-by-one by adding your recipients name and email address to the table or import an existing mailing list. Simply save your current list as a .csv file and upload. Or you can download our free contacts list template which makes the process even easier – copy your list to this document and re-upload it to Ecard Mint.


You can either pay using a credit or debit card via Sage Pay or Paypal. Enter the details required, then click proceed.

Send your Ecard

Once your payment is processed your ecard is good to go! Monitor the performance of your email marketing communication by accessing Reports and Stats in your account to find out how many people have viewed it.

If you’re still having trouble, you can find more help topics and instructions here. Otherwise, please feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0) 208 977 1122 or send us a query via our contact form.

Happy Sending!


Have Another Happy New Year


Hot off the Ecard Mint Press comes the announcement that we’ll soon be adding a new ecard Chinese New Year category just in time for the vibrant and dynamic festival at the end of the month.

Share in the Celebration

Chinese New Year is such an important date in the Chinese calendar that we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to share in the celebrations with our static and animated company ecards. And China’s growth over the last decade has given businesses the incentive to pay more attention to what’s going on outside their own front door.

For example, you might be interested to know that on the world stage, China is the world’s fasting growing economy and overtook Japan in 2011 to become the second largest economy, leaving only America with a higher nominal gross domestic product (GDP). The country has also averaged an impressive yet consistent growth rate of 10% over the last 30 years.

Year of the Horse

In 2014, New Year falls on the 31 January and will mark the year of the horse in the Chinese zodiac. Festivities culminate in the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month.

Take a cheeky, sneaky peek at some of our new corporate e cards, below:


Celebrate the Year of the Horse with Ecard Mint


Chinese scroll design reads ‘Happy New Year’ in Cantonese

On top of our most popular categories, corporate Christmas e cards and Business Birthday cards, we’re constantly developing our range to provide more choice for a diverse global marketplace. Our goal is to give our customers the chance to cement good business relationships by sharing in the traditions and customs of international clients and partners.

So you can rely on the fact that in the next year will be investing more time in creating an even greater selection of ecards to incorporate and celebrate with even wider range of cultures and holidays.

Ecards as your key marketing strategy this Christmas

With Christmas comes the intrinsic nature of giving. This makes the seasonal period a hugely significant time for businesses and companies to connect and engage with employees, customers and stakeholders whilst efficiently marketing their business. Connecting, engaging and marketing all have a huge progressive impact on your business whilst your investment in sending ecards this Christmas, and the rest of the year, offers the potential to yield high returns. A simple, cost effective and timely way of achieving this is through use of ecards. With this is mind, we decided to highlight the ways ecards promote success in these areas;

The ability to boost customer loyalty

By sending ecards to customers this Christmas, you are offering a personal engagement and connection with the recipient whilst reinforcing your brand. This is met with appreciation and loyalty which can result in an increase the number of repeat purchases and/or subscription renewals.

Help build and maintain strong relationships

To build and maintain strong relationships between customers, stakeholders and staff is a fundamental necessity of any business, particularly small businesses. It has a significant impact on the success of a business due to a number of advantages. It builds trust and loyalty and can promote repeat purchases and subscription renewals within customers.

Increasing workplace motivation

Benefits to heightened workplace motivation include increased productivity, high quality of work, a persistent and creative drive and a stability of your work force, which is very important to your company reputation. Acknowledgement and recognition of staff as individuals and appreciating the hard work they do is met with increased workplace motivation. By sending an ecard to your staff this Christmas, you’re not only showing you care but giving recognition and appreciation.

Heighten brand awareness

Ecards are transported electronically and it is there electronic nature that allows them to provide a much fuller experience for the recipient than traditional greeting cards. With creative animations, custom made options and audio providing a memorable and engaging user experience, your customers and clients will associate the memorable experience with your brand. This reiterates your branding and creates lasting, heightened brand awareness.

Fundamentally, there is a huge potential in the use of ecards to businesses over the seasonal period. So with this is mind, we thought we’d give you a couple of previews of our Christmas ecards that will be available when the website launches.

Merry Christmas Ecard Mint Preview

Merry Christmas Ecard Mint Preview

Season's Greetings Ecard Mint Preview

Season’s Greetings Ecard Mint Preview


Ecard Mint Happy Birthday Ecard Preview

Sending birthday cards to staff, customers or business affiliates gives businesses an opportunity to acknowledge and engage with the recipient. This is beneficial in increasing morale and motivation through recognition, just one of many ways Ecard Mint can advantage you. Below are our Happy Birthday e card’s from the bare bones to the finalised design.

Ecard Mint Happy Birthday Initial Male Sketch

Ecard Mint Happy Birthday Initial Sketch

Finalised Male Design, Ecard Mint Preview

Finalised Design, Ecard Mint Preview

Woman Happy Birthday Ecard Mint Preview

Female Happy Birthday Ecard Mint Preview

These vibrant birthday ecards have been made in a male and female version to ensure that each card is appropriately engaging its recipient.

Hubspot SEO Template

Search engine optimisation is a cost effective, efficient yet overlooked strategy. If used to its full potential, it could actually yield huge growth in your business with minimal risk. Over 250 million searches are carried out everyday in the UK and your targeted traffic will be driven through use of your key words. With 89% of users clicking on the first link of search results, your SEO should play a huge role in your marketing strategy. In the current economic climate, the implementation of cost effective marketing is more important than ever. HubSpot have an SEO template download available that we at Ecard Mint thought we would share with you. Enjoy!

Hubspot SEO Template

This guide is a useful template for you to organise your websites SEO strategy and will allow you to track it all in one place. On another note, below is a preview of our Ecard Mint designs that will be available upon website launch!

Ecard Mint Good Luck Design

Ecard Mint Good Luck Design

For a sophisticated, understated way to wish someone luck, this is the perfect choice. It is one of many from our large selection of company ecards starting from only £75. You will be able to customize it with your logo, message and website link.


Brand New Preview On Ecard Mint

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” Paul J. Meyer

Attention and engagement are important factors for any business, particularly when considering your customers, partners and ultimately brand awareness and loyalty. Here at Ecard Mint, we value the importance of attention and engagement, and with this in mind, we are presenting a preview of one of our new corporate Ecards, that will be available for you to send when the website launches.

Latest News Ecard

Latest News Ecard

This Ecard is the perfect way to increase engagement with your contacts and keep them informed on the latest news for your business. This colourful and charming business E card is sure to put a smile on the faces of its recipients, with the additional of your own personal messages. Ecard Mint enables you can incorporate your own company logo and message to a preexisting card, choose an Ecard to be adapted to tailor to your needs or create a totally new bespoke company Ecard for your business.

The Impact ‘Connecting’ Can Have On Your Business

With the upsurge of social media platforms proving to be an axiomatically effective marketing tool, we must consider that new ways of marketing a business are clearly based upon ‘connecting’. By connecting, I am referring to the importance of B2B and B2C interaction, conversation, attention and engagement. More and more, customers, consumers and affiliates are taking on the role of marketer for businesses as a result of social media and online interaction; it is they who drive the conversation about your brand and it is this conversation that will effectively have an impact on the way the company operates.

We’ve found a particularly interesting blog based on connecting, by Larry Benet and its cultivating impact on business, who says,

‘Connecting is the ability to identify and relate with people to increase your influence with them. If you can add value, serve others and give freely, then you can connect with anyone, power your business and get whatever you want faster.’

Take a look here, #2: Connect With Anyone You Want by Giving Value

The cultivation of strong relationships with clients, partners and consumers means that their potentially critical influences will be instead met with loyalty and strong brand awareness. So, in light of the prominence that connecting has to your business, here’s a preview of one of our ecards that will be available on the website when it launches.

Ecard Mint Preview

Ecard Mint Preview

This ecard is the perfect way for you to connect with clients, consumers and partners. Through regular interaction, this will add significant value to your business.

A Second Design Preview From Ecard Mint

With the launch of the Ecard Mint website due in just a couple of weeks, we thought it important to keep you updated on our design templates. Below is a preview of the Classic design template.

Ecard Mint Classic Style Template

Ecard Mint Classic Style Template

Available in a red, green or blue, the elegance of this template is undeniable, from its stylish font to the subtle yet graceful background. This design, ready to be personalised to suit your specific needs, is ideal for any occasion you may be using it for whether it be for,

  • Birthday’s
  • Christmas
  • Product launching
  • Customer reward and appreciation
  • Marketing communications and campaigns
  • Employee motivations
  • Charitable fundraising

Design Preview for Ecard Mint

Christmas is just around the corner and Ecard Mint have been working hard developing an exciting new range of ecards. We know you will soon be looking for high quality, cost effective ways to connect with business clients and customers over the seasonal period. With this is mind and Ecard Mint’s website launch approaching we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to present a preview of our Desk style ecard.

Red Desk Design Template. Ecard Mint Preview

Red Desk Design Template. Ecard Mint Preview

The sophisticated leather design comes in an assortment of colours and is one of many templates you can choose to personalise your ecard. Incorporate your company logo, message and website link to your customised seasonal Christmas e-greetings, then send to clients and customers for a low cost solution with minimal hassle. Ecard Mint provides a service whereby a template of your choice can be tailored to your needs in order to offer quality ecards that are relevant to your B2B and B2C affiliations.