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Open the FINAL door on the Ecard Mint Advent Calendar

Well, we made it.

It’s Christmas Eve and during the last month, we’ve shared a total of 23 company ecards. Some were animated, some were games and some were simply static but all, we hope, were unique in their own way.

So without further ado, here’s door number 24 on our business ecard advent calendar ready and waiting to be opened. We thought as it’s a tradition for many to pick up the turkey on Christmas eve, this fun little game has some relevance.


Door 24 Advent Calendar

It’s Christmas Eve (Eve)

Sorry if we got you all excited for a moment there, but we just can’t believe that it’s the day before the day before the day before Christmas!

And that means that it’s time for us to share with you what’s behind the penultimate on our corporate Christmas ecard calendar.

Can you guess which one it will be?

Hint: It’s glittery!

Door 23 Advent Calendar

For many, today will be the last day of work for 2014, leaving a little bit of time still time to get your Xmas and New Year Company E-greetings sorted. Sign up for a free Ecard Mint account to get started now.

Day 19 – The Office Christmas Party

At Ecard Mint, Day 19 on our Corporate Christmas E Card Advent Calendar also just happens to be the day of our office Christmas party. And so in celebration, behind today’s door we’re sharing a funny static company ecard about this very thing.

If your workplace festivities are occurring today we hope you have a great time – we know we will!

Advent 19



Day 18 – One Week Until Christmas!

It’s just one week until Christmas!

Don’t panic though, there’s still time to send your company Christmas e-greeting. In fact, you could send your business e-cards on 25th if you really wanted to, thanks to the miracle of email.

And if you’re still not quite sure which card to plump for, let today’s door on our advent calendar offer some inspiration:

Ecard Mint Advent Calendar Door 18

Day 17 and ANOTHER New Corporate E Card for Christmas

Day 17 brings another special surprise behind the door of our corporate ecard advent calendar as we’re once again extremely pleased to announce that we have ANOTHER brand new animated corporate e card for Christmas in our catalogue.

This time, we’re inviting you to open the door and take a peek at the naughty snowman as he steals presents from right under the Christmas tree – leaving himself open to some festive retribution. Enjoy!

Advent 17


A New Company Christmas Ecard for Advent

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the latest in our animated company Christmas ecards to be added to the site.

This brand new business e-greeting for Xmas features a couple of familiar characters from our most popular animated ecard series. Yes that’s right – it’s our new turkey ecard!

What are those troublesome turkeys up to this time? Click on door 15 to find out…

Advent door 15

A Double Dose of E Card Advent Calendar Fun

Go on, admit it. You’ve done this before:

Woken up and looked over at your Advent Calendar craving a cup of tea rather than chocolate – so you leave it. And before you know it, it’s the next day and you’re charged with the ardous task of opening two doors in a row on your Advent Calendar.

This Sunday, we’re honoring this very tradition with a double dose of Christmas Ecard Advent Calendar fun.

Today’s special treat is a simple but spirited static business ecard for Christmas, featuring a character who’s bound to be rushed off his feet at this time of year:

Door 14 of Ecard Mint Advent Calendar


And even though Saturday might be all but a memory, but behind this door is an exciting company ecard designed to make your recipients look forward to what’s ahead:

Advent Calendar Ecard Mint Door 13

We might have been a little late sharing door 13 but don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to get your Xmas e-greeting sorted using our DIY service. Find out more about how to send your corporate ecard here.