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How to have an Eco-Friendly Christmas with Ecard Mint

We all love Christmas but the fact is our favourite festive period can have a pretty harmful impact on the environment. In the UK around 30% more waste is created at Christmas than throughout the rest of the year. And that’s not all, around 6 million Christmas trees and nearly 300,000 tonnes of packaging are thrown away every single year.

So how can we be more green this winter, here at the Ecard Mint HQ we have been scratching our head and coming up with all sorts of good ideas! Handmade gifts, recycled wrapping paper and switching to Ecards all top our list.

We are really happy that more and more people are aiming for a green Christmas this year, so much so that many of the retailers are starting to take notice and change their wasteful ways

Stay tuned and find more about our further eco-conscious ideas about how to make your Christmas greener with Ecard Mint

1 Digital Marketing Resolution for 2014

Resolutions are part and parcel of that no man’s land in the calendar between the end of December and February where you’re forced to insist that you’re going to change the habits of a lifetime for, oooh, at least a month.

But don’t worry we’re not going talk about how you can make improvements in the New Year, because quite frankly, if we read another article listing ‘5 digital marketing resolutions for 2014’ we might just have to melt down an entire chocolate orange and drink all that molten goodness through a straw.

Instead we’re suggesting only one resolution for your business – giving your achievements the recognition they deserve. We’re suggesting, that instead of focusing on what you’ve been doing wrong, as seems to be an perennial requirement of January and February, that you instead focus on all that your company has achieved as a way of motivating the continuation of good habits and encouraging more without even pushing for it.

And if you’re a small company struggling to make what little resources you have provide the greatest return, improvements don’t have to be drastic. In fact, creating an environment where steady and consistent growth of your digital marketing strategy is the order of the day, where you’re able to prioritise and set feasible goals, might just be the key to getting your creative content juices flowing.

The New Year doesn’t always have to mean changing everything. Maybe it should be more about giving yourself a pat on the back for earning so many extra followers through social platforms or diversifying your content with the odd video post.

Speaking of which, take a look at this great Ted Talk by Dan Pink on the puzzle of motivation for a more in-depth look at just what we mean…

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Happy New Year from Ecard Mint

A look back at 2013

2013 was a really exciting time for us. Towards the end of year, we launched Ecard Mint – the culmination of months of hard work developing a business e card site that focused on great usability and provided all the extra functionality needed for businesses wishing to send high quality, professional greetings.

Site features and functionality

We were pretty insistent on some of the features for customising our ecards. We wanted to allow users to add their own social media accounts, to upload their logo, and add the logo of their chosen charity, quickly and without hassle. It was also really important to make sure that all our ecards were compatible with devices such as iPads and iPhones, as the use of smartphones and tablets becomes ever more prominent in the workplace.

Looking ahead

Looking forward to the year ahead, we hope to build on this hard work by continually updating the site with new designs and delivering insightful marketing advice on a range of subjects in our blog and on our social networking platforms (Twitter and LinkedIn), as well as providing responsive and friendly customer service.

We’re also looking to complete the ‘Design Your Own Ecard’ side of the website which is still under construction. We do, however, continue to create bespoke ecards and develop existing designs. For companies looking to commission a truly unique greeting, contact us with your requirements using our enquiry form or call us on +44 (0) 208 977 1122.

In the meantime, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your support and wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous 2014.


Happy New Year from Ecard Mint

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Finding the right time

‘You there! What day is this?’

‘Why today, today is Boxing Day.’


Did we miss it?

Anyone who knows anything about blogging, and indeed sending ecards, knows it’s hard to miss getting the right day. If we can be frank, this is not what you would call a ‘live’ broadcast.

At the time of publication, Ecard Mint is closed for Christmas and we can therefore confidently wager that at least one (and most likely more) employees are currently slumped in an armchair thoroughly wiped out from watching too much telly and eating too many Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.


Merry Christmas from Ecard Mint

In fact, if you’d allow us to pull back the curtain just a tad more, we can actually reveal that this blog was written and scheduled to go out a week ago.

Modern technology, eh? Marvellous.

And as we were saying, if you’re familiar with sending business e cards you’ll know that one of the many, many wonderful things about internet and email marketing, is the ability to dictate the exact time and date that you can put your communications out there. This works especially well if you’ve had the good sense to research when marketing emails are best received. See this insightful article about scheduling from the Econsultancy blog for more information.

So no – we didn’t miss it. We we’re simply waiting for the right time.

Merry Christmas!

We’ll see you in the New Year.

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