Boost Email Marketing Open Rates

With an over abundance of online forums, articles and research, email marketing is an ongoing topic showing no signs of slowing down and it can be tough to weed out the good advice from the bad.

With roughly 182 billion emails being sent out every day, one of the greatest problems facing email marketers is making sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed. We found this handy infographic from Sikich, which clearly identifies key points to improve open rates that will have an impact on the success of your email campaigns.


This infographic highlights the key points reiterated in online email marketing advice. Here at Ecard Mint we were determined to create a corporate ecard site that is not only compatible with most platforms and browsers, but also  provide a technically sophisticated platform that provides the right tools to aid successful email marketing campaigns.

Image and video act as great marketing tools, quickly conveying your message while capturing the attention of your audience making static and animated business ecards the perfect way to connect with your customers. In addition to this, at Ecard Mint we have worked hard to incorporate features to our site to aid your campaigns such as in-house analytics, easy to manage mailing list , customising options including social media buttons and more.

So, of the billions of emails sent everyday, make sure yours don’t go unnoticed with Ecard Mint corporate e-cards.