7 top marketing tips for entrepreneurs

7 nuggets of practical wisdom from the excellent Entrepreneur magazine – a great resource for business ideas, trends, news, expert advice and growth strategies for small business owners.

The best and worst times to post on social media
A fascinating infographic. The optimal time to update your Facebook or Twitter page will obviously depend on your audience, but this is a thought-provoker all the same. Times quoted are US-based though. Has anyone seen a UK equivalent?

3 keys to creating viral marketing content
Thought leader Jonah Berger on what it takes to achieve that holiest of grails: going viral.

5 social media rules every entrepreneur should know
How do you grow from a following of 500 to 500,000? 5 pieces of sound advice from those best placed to give it: the current ‘darlings’ of the social media landscape.

5 ways to use Twitter beyond the basics
When a marketing exec in New York got the afternoon munchies, she sent out a tweet saying she could use a snack. Within an hour, a Pretzel Crisps truck was parked in front of her building unloading enough freebie snacks to feed her 50-person office. Impressed? Check out these 5 ways to jazz up your Twitter campaign. (Free snacks not included).

How you should be using LinkedIn  but probably aren’t
Nicole Williams, a small-business owner and LinkedIn expert highlights several essential tasks for using LinkedIn more robustly to build your business.

Digital marketing: it’s not just business, it’s personal
Be human. What could be simpler, right? But what exactly does ‘being human’ mean for online marketing? A group of social media and PR experts got together to discuss making digital marketing relatable, covering everything from creating customer loyalty to engaging through social media. Here are top four takeaways.

The best marketing advice you’re forgetting to follow
Entrepreneur’s panel of marketing experts answers common questions on a different topic each week. Here, the team answers: What’s one marketing tip that even savvy businesses overlook? Read and learn!