5 Reasons Why Humour is Good for your Business

Companies can sometimes be a little weary about introducing humour into the work environment. A fear of appearing unprofessional or being responsible for a joke that’s in bad taste can put organisations attempting to tickle the funny bone of their clients on edge.

But an ability to turn a frown upside down can actually be a string in your bow rather than a pain in your business’ backside.

So, as a fella with a fair bit of face-paint on once said: “Why so serious?”

Here are 5 reasons why we think having a sense of humour can be invaluable to your business:

  1. Helps build better relationships with clients – comedy can really help ‘break the ice’ with new customers and strengthen relationship with existing contacts.
  2. Helps build better working relationships with employees – a happy working environment is key to the success of your company and a little bit of laughter can prove a great tool in alleviating stress during tense or hectic times.
  3. Makes your company seem more approachable – tasteful humour can put customers and business associates at ease.
  4. Allows your company to stand out – being one of the companies willing to poke your head above the parapets and try for a chuckle could be the thing that differentiates your organisation from the rest.
  5. Increases productivity and encourages creative thinking – if you’re all about outreach, showing your employees or business contacts that you welcome intelligent and creative thinking through humour can be a doorway to unlocking new ideas.

Add Some Laughter to Your Marketing Plan with an Ecard

Coming up with funny content to share with your customers or employees can be tricky. After all, there’s nothing un-funnier than a joke that feels forced.

Company Ecards as part of your marketing plan provide a slightly more subtle way of inviting your business contacts to share in joke, particularly at opportune moments in the calendar – our funny corporate Christmas Ecards go down a treat during the festive season.

Funny Static and Animated Company E Cards

Whilst some might argue that there’s nothing funny about a good marketing strategy, as a company who specialises in providing tools for email marketing, we beg to differ.

From our retro humour ecards for business to our animated company e cards featuring tormented turkeys, a naughty snowman and even some snowball dodging politicians, we’ve got the goods to get your recipients giggling.