5 genuinely useful online marketing blog posts

Here at Ecard Mint we like to keep our collective eyes on the ball of all things digital marketing. There’s no shortage of free tips, tools, blogs and articles ‘out there’ but sometimes it can be a bit of a chore to sort the genuinely useful from the hype. So we thought it might be a good idea, when the genuinely useful grabs our attention, to share it here. Enjoy!

21 tactics to increase blog traffic
“It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic” says SEOmoz blogger Rand Fishkin and then offers a raft of sound practical advice from how to target those audiences who are most likely to share your blog content, to how to ensure your blog is SEO-friendly.

31 must-read social media blog posts
A comprehensive round-up of last year’s best social media articles and blog posts from the excellent Social Media Examiner. How to become a social media rock star, how to calculate the ROI of social media, how guest posting helped one start-up dramatically boost business – and more.

10 of the best social media campaigns from 2012
Learn from the best: Econsultancy’s take on the most memorable, innovative, or downright funny social media campaigns from last year.

10 essential marketing blogs
A really strong list of marketing blogs featuring digital marketing, social media, content marketing, small business marketing and entrepreneurship. A great combination of inspirational big ideas and practical tools and tactics.

Top free Twitter tools for 2013
There’s no doubt about it, Twitter can be a time-consuming business. Check out these five free Twitter tools to help you work ‘smarter, not harder’ in the tweetosphere.