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Fresh New Year Ecards

As 2020 rolls to a close, and we look forward to the new year that is 2021. It’s time to celebrate the end of a difficult year and be optimistic about the next 12 months. Although celebrating New Year’s eve in the traditional way by attending parties, night clubbing and large social gatherings are not possible for most, this year things will be a bit different.

New Year Ecards are a good way of connecting with family, friends and work colleagues during these times of social distancing, we have added a handful of new Ecards for 2021:


It All Ended in Tiers Happy New Year Ecard

It All Ended in Tiers

Happy New Year 2021 Ecard

Happy New Tier 2021

Bring on 2021 New Year Ecard

Bring on 2021 New Year Ecard

Lets get the New Year Started

Lets get the New Year Started

For low cost you can send out New Year cards customised with your personal message, see in the new year by scheduling your email greetings ahead to arrive bang on midnight this New Year’s eve.


We have created a rather timely collection of 16 Christmas Ecards for the unfortunate COVID Christmas of 2020. That’s right here’s the COVID Christmas Ecards you have been waiting for!

It’s not quite the Christmas we expected this year and these are definitely not the Christmas Cards we thought we would be designing, so we have set them as £5/€5/$5 which is half the price to send a standard static Christmas Ecard.

Send a funny COVID Christmas Ecard you can view some below.

  1. Happy Christmask – Send Now
  2. Season’s Meetings – Send Now
  3. Happy Christmas-K – Send Now
    That’s not all view the whole COVID Christmas Card selection here:

How To Get Ready For A Christmas Ecard Campaign

It’s been quite a year for everybody, with normal being-changed so are businesses marketing efforts, nearly 65% of consumers prefer shopping online to avoid crowds and that was pre-covid.

What does this mean, well you need to create stand-out Christmas communications and think about the offers you are going to be launching this holiday season.

As they say, preparation is key: we start with analysing our previous Christmas email campaigns, we look at analytics such as open rate and click rate to define what went well and what came up short. We then segment our mailing list based upon these metrics.

Once you have your newly segmented email list, it’s time to look at the health of that list. It’s important to get rid of inactive, invalid and out of date email addresses. By maintaining a healthy email list you will prevent your sender reputation from being damaged and increase your deliverability rate for each campaign you send out.

With Ecard Mint, you can send campaigns out individually, that personalised approach can boost open rates by 50%. We have over 500+ Christmas and Holiday Ecards tried and tested for both B2B and B2C campaigns that get people engaged with your communications so leave the creative part to us and let you focus on your message.

Now before you send, and maybe the most important rule will be to check, check again then check once more. Proofreading has saved the day many times so proof your email copy to avoid any errors and check all the URL links in your campaign.

Looking for extra special Christmas Ecards and Holiday Ecards, then look no further.

Select an Animated Christmas Ecard:

Pick a Static Xmas Ecard: