Monthly Archives: March 2020

The Coronavirus and Ecards

As the world is struggling to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, we all still need to stay in contact with Family and friends, probably now more than ever.

Many countries including the United Kingdom have gone into lockdown which requires citizens to stay at home and only go out for essentials and emergencies. Life goes on and there is still the need to send greeting cards, therefore Ecards are the best and safest solution. Free Ecards can be sent online from your home without the need to venture out to shops to purchase printed cards, nor out again to post them. There were also suggestions that the Covid 19 virus can survive on card and cardboard, according to it can be actively carried for up to 24 hours on cardboard.

The last thing anyone would want would be to send their friends or family the virus on a printed greeting card, so why not send an Ecard instead?

We have just added two new Ecard categories, Sympathy Ecards to send to the recently bereaved and Thinking of You Ecards to send for many reasons or just to say ‘Hello’. These of both free Ecard categories, as are 80% of the Ecard designs on our website. Birthday Ecards, Christmas Ecards and New Year Ecards require a small fee to send, but there are over 800 free Ecards to send as many times as you like.