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Bespoke Christmas Ecard Order Deadlines for 2014

We’ve had a few people get in contact to ask, ‘When is the final day for bespoke Christmas ecard orders?’

And in general, our response to this question is:

Get your order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.***

But for those looking for some firm answers to this question, here are our definitive deadline dates for 2014 – to keep anyone still thinking about sending a Christmas e card on behalf of their company in the know.

Final Order Date for Bespoke Company Ecards

To ensure that we can provide you with a high quality e-greeting that suits your specifications, the cut-off date for a completely new Custom Company Christmas Card order is FRIDAY 5th DECEMBER.

Final Order Date for Adapted Custom Business Ecards

To adapt an existing design from our range of Company Christmas Ecards, final orders must be received by FRIDAY 12th DECEMBER.

Missed the Deadline? Don’t Worry, DIY!

If you think it’s unlikely that you’ll be ready to order your business Christmas ecard by the deadlines stated above, don’t worry. You can always choose a card from our extensive selection of corporate e-greetings and customise it yourself.

Customise your card with your logo, a message, a website link and then choose your sending options – easy!

In need of some more information or help deciding on a bespoke design? Please feel free to get in touch by emailing [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap.

***Even if you only have a rough idea of what you want, let us know, as our design studio gets extremely busy the closer we get to our Christmas deadline date. This includes commissions for New Year Ecards, which are designed and animated alongside our festive greetings before the last business day of the year.***

The Email Marketer’s Countdown to Christmas

With Thanksgiving celebrations just a couple of days away, marketing focus has recently seen a sudden shift from the last Thursday to the last Friday of November.

Black Friday is often thought to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Although an American tradition, it’s one that seems to be creeping across the Atlantic with some International companies eager to make it date that UK diaries will recognise.

The most prominent example of this is offered by the mighty online retailer, Amazon. Never one to miss a trick, the retail giant has extended the reach of its Black Friday email marketing campaigns out to UK customers – to help us Brits feel more included whilst providing reminder that the Black Friday flash sales are the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the gift-buying game.

For the most part though, the run up to the festive season here in the UK has been under way since the Halloween pumpkins were carved.

UK consumers watched as High Street Brands like John Lewis and Sainsbury’s squared up to one another at the beginning of November releasing lavish Christmas advertising campaigns, both seemingly aimed at making their customers cry.

It’s a strange angle, but one that seems to be paying off with both companies reporting a record response to their ads.

Screenshots of John Lewis and Sainsbury's Christmas Adverts

Battle of the Christmas Ads – John Lewis vs Sainsbury’s

But with just one month to go before Christmas day, whether Stateside or not, one thing’s for certain for online marketers – the clock is ticking.

Get ahead of the game when you schedule and send your Company Christmas E-Card from Ecard Mint.

All New Funny Business E-Greetings for Christmas

We’ve had another influx of all new company Christmas ecards hit our shelves in the last couple of weeks – including a new range of humour greetings cards for Xmas.

The designs each feature a familiar cartoon style along with the obligatory comedy captions/speech bubbles to accompany the quirky artwork.

Within this new range, there’s something for every kind of organisation:

For the environmentally conscious, there’s the Green Santa corporate Christmas e-greeting…

Funny Company Ecard Green Santa

For companies looking to share a joke with their favourite accountants, the Office Party Xmas e-card is the perfect choice…

Funny Accounting Christmas Ecard for business

Or if you’re the accountant, wishing to send a simple Season’s Greetings (whilst providing a gentle reminder to your clients of the upcoming January self-assessment deadline) you won’t go far wrong with the Santa Tax Return company ecard…

Funny Accountant Company Ecard - tax return

And for everyone else looking for something slightly surreal and a little bit silly to share with your co-workers at Christmas, the Elf Anne Safety card is a funny, festive e-greeting for all…

Elf Anne Safety e greeting - funny comic-strip style corporate ecard

Browse more of the business holiday ecards on Ecard Mint along with our range of corporate Thanksgiving e-greetings, ready to customize and send in time for 27th November.

Our Top 5 Corporate Thanksgiving Ecards

We’ve been spending a lot of our time just recently talking about the big lead up to the festive season. True, we’ve been spent a lot of that time going on about our great range of company Christmas ecards but now the time to focus on the other holiday that’s fast approaching.

Yes, we’re talking about Thanksgiving.

And whether you’re celebrating with family and friends in the US or sharing in the celebrations with your business clients and customers across the pond, a Thanksgiving e-greeting is a great way for your company to share in the spirit of the season.

Here are our top 5 designs:

Mayflower Animated Thanksgiving Ecard

Mayflower Thanksgiving E-Card

This quirky style animated Thanksgiving ecard takes you on a voyage from the old world to the new.

Animated Thanksgiving Ecard - Turkey Escape

Turkey Escape Thanksgiving E-Card

Those turkeys will do anything to avoid the dinner table in the second of our Turkey escape animated Thanksgiving ecards.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Static E Card  Design

Thanksgiving Pilgrim E-Card

Use this friendly pilgrim character to spread a message of ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to your colleagues and clients.

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard for Businesses - Feast design

‘Retro’ Thanksgiving Feast E-Card

Working hard over the holidays again? This funny retro Thanksgiving feast e-card might put a stop to that.

Country Style Happy Thanksgiving static ecard design

‘Stamp’ Happy Thanksgiving E-Card

This traditional country-style stamp e greeting is a great way to wish a very ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to your company contacts.

There’s still time to send your corporate Thanksgiving ecard – use our easy online service to customize your greeting and schedule for Thursday 27th November. Our ecard prices start from just $86.


Stamp Out Unnecessary Costs with Corporate Christmas Ecards

Last week, Royal Mail published its designs for Christmas 2014.

And whilst we can help but admire the festive illustrations, this announcement provided another reminder of the steep postage costs associated with sending a paper Christmas card.

With the stamp alone priced at a whopping 62p for first class (with a marginally cheaper option of 53p for Second-Class sending) we were encouraged to get out our calculators and do some seasonal sums to determine, once and for all, the real cost of sending a corporate Christmas card.

The Real Cost of a Corporate Christmas Card

If the average cost of a bespoke paper Christmas card is just £1 and a Second-Class stamp is 53p, the total cost of your card per recipient is £1.53 – providing that you’re organised enough to get yours ready to send by 18th December.

But not’s that all.

When you take into account the time that a staff member needs to dedicate to the task at hand – printing address labels, writing a personal message, signing the card and posting it – a conservative estimate would call to double this figure.

So if a company sends a card to 1,000 recipients at a cost of around £3 per card, it wouldn’t take Pythagoras to work out that the overall sum is going to be somewhere in the region of £3,000.

Compare that to sending one of our static company ecards for Christmas, where you’re looking at just £50 for the cost of the greeting and the sort of time commitment it would take for one employee to write out a paper card needed to customize and arrange for the sending of your digital design.

And the benefits aren’t just financial; sending a business e card for Christmas is an environmentally friendly way to reach out to employees, customers and business partners. Not to mention that with our company xmas ecards there’s no such thing as the last post, meaning that you can send your corporate holiday ecard on Christmas Day, if you really want to.

What’s the difference between sending a paper greetings card and a static e-card?

Based on sending your e card to 1,000 employees, our guess is that a company could save about £2,500 by opting to send their Christmas card by email rather than via conventional post. That’s quite a chunk of change in our books, certainly enough to buy everyone at least one drink at the Christmas party.

So yes, the new stamp designs from Royal Mail are quite nice, but the striking and unique festive greetings available at Ecard Mint could give you a licence to save money this Christmas.