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Quick! Our Business Holiday Ecard Promo is ending Soon…

As we reach the end of October, we thought we’d share a little reminder that there’s still time to take advantage of our discount on bespoke Christmas e cards.

The promotion ends 5th November 2014 and entitles users to 15% off the cost of their order. To claim this discount, just quote ‘XMAS 15’ when ordering your unique Christmas card.

With this service, you can create a completely new design to your exact specifications. Browse our Bespoke Corporate Ecard page to view some examples of our past work.

Or, if you’ve spotted something from our static or animated Christmas e card range that works for you and your business, we can work with you to adapt one of our designs to suit you even more.

This offer isn’t just for Christmas as the discount can also be applied to orders of Company Thanksgiving Ecards and Corporate New Year E-Greetings too.

Order your business ecard over the telephone, by email or via the enquiry form on our contact page.

Send a Corporate Ecard for Christmas from just £50

We’ve recently slashed the cost of our company e-greetings meaning that now businesses can now send ANY of our static business Xmas e-cards for £50 (+VAT) through our online customisation and sending system.

As Christmas Email Marketing opportunities to go, we think that’s pretty good value.

Particularly as this price allows you to send your company Christmas card to 1,000 recipients.

Not bad, when you consider that just 100 second class stamps currently cost £53.00 (excluding VAT).

You’ll need to sign up for an account with Ecard Mint to get started – but don’t worry, this is completely free to do, just as it is to send yourself your customised ecard preview in a test email.

Having an Ecard Mint account also means that you’ll have access to delivery reports which will show who has viewed your card and how many times.

And it doesn’t matter whether you send a static card for £50 or animated corporate Christmas ecard for £195, this feature is available to all, at no extra cost.

Enjoy the Festive Season blue snowflake and scroll company Christmas ecard design

Enjoy the Festive Season and Send an ecard like this one from your Business for just £50

View our pricing page for more detailed information about the cost of our DIY ecards and to view these in other currencies including US Dollars or Euros.

Our New Turkey Breakout Christmas Ecard is Almost Here!

It’s that time of the year again.

Our new Turkey Breakout e-greeting is almost ready.

Following on from our series of Turkey Breakout Company Christmas Ecards, this new animated is in the final stage of production and will be added to the site in early November.

Our corporate Thanksgiving e-card category is also home to seasonal variants of the Turkey Breakout series for US customers to send to employees, clients and business partners to celebrate the start of holiday season.

This series of ecards follows two hapless turkeys as they attempt to escape the fate of a prime spot on the Christmas dinner table.

The narrative of this design differs slightly from previous incarnations as the story meets back up with the turkeys after a successful breakout attempt. But even as free range poultry, these two are walking disaster areas.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

On the run, the turkeys spy a couple of penguins skating gracefully across a lake. Impressed, they each don a pair of skates and decide to imitate their avian counterparts – with calamitous consequences.

If you’re eager to see the completed product, look out for our announcement of the new card on the Ecard Mint blog with a link to the animation.

Until then, take a look at the following design previews to get an idea of how our latest Xmas e card for business will look:

Wintry painted style backdrop for new Turkey E-Greeting from Ecard Mint

The painted wintry backdrop of our new Turkey Breakout Christmas Card


Artist sketch of a frame from the animation – Turkey Breakout

Injured Turkeys in hospital - final frame of Ecard

Spoiler Alert – The Final Frame of the Turkey Breakout Company E Card

Corporate Xmas Ecard Discount: Remember, Remember…

The 5th November…

Why? Well because that’s when our early bird discount, offering 15% off bespoke orders, ends.

We’re offering this discount to encourage businesses to get organised ahead of the busy Christmas period, hopefully giving some the nudge they need to start thinking about their bespoke business ecard for the holidays. Companies can either choose to adapt an existing design or commission a completely new ecard for their business.

We’re also offering this discount to officially celebrate our very first Christmas. Ecard Mint has now fully taken over from the company side of Katie’s Cards to offer a more business oriented service providing a wider selection of mobile-friendly e card designs for a diverse range of holidays and events.

As well as our bespoke operations, we also offer a ‘DIY’ service for every budget. Customers can choose from the catalogue of company Christmas ecards available on the site and personalize using the online tools.

Our range also includes a variety of Thanksgiving e cards for companies looking to send an email card in time for the third Thursday of November.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many different companies to create unique and bold designs for a variety of Christmas email marketing campaigns. So we’re really looking forward to Ecard Mint’s first Christmas and the chance to invent the kinds of festive e-greetings Santa himself would be proud of.

To receive the discount place a bespoke order before the 5 November 2014 and quote ‘XMAS15’ when you send you get in touch with Ecard Mint either by email or telephone.

New Christmas Ecards just in time for Halloween

It’s just two weeks until Halloween and with this celebration approaching at a frighteningly fast rate, we’re once again reminded that the holiday season is just around the corner.

And whilst even in the heat of July our mind is focused on adding to our full and varied collection of company xmas ecards, we’ve been stepping things up a notch to provide organisations of all sizes and budgets the chance to find just the right design for them.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the all new ‘sign’ and ‘cloud’ range of corporate holiday e cards:

Merry Christmas Sign design Christmas Email Card for Business

Merry Christmas Sign Corporate E Card

Festive Cloud Design Company E card

Cloud Happy Holidays Corporate Ecard Design

Greeting variants along with the above previews are available in the static category of company Christmas cards.

But, if you’re looking for greetings with music and moving images, take a look at our animated ecards for an entertaining, eco-friendly and affordable alternative to the paper Christmas card.

Ecard Mint at the Ecommerce Expo

Yesterday (Oct 2nd) Ecard Mint attended the eCommerce Expo at Olympia London for a conference which brought together businesses big and small to discuss everything from marketing and platforms to payments, delivery and customer service.

One high point of the conference was the talk led by Nick Carr on behalf of Pure 360, offering advice to audience members on how to make the most of Christmas email marketing campaigns.

He discussed the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition with a reactive marketing strategy, bold subject headings and an ‘on-brand’ approach to your mail-outs.

During this lecture, we were especially proud to see corporate Christmas ecards at the top the list of the company’s suggestions of festive email marketing ideas:

Another highlight was witnessing Google Industry Director of Retail, Martijn Bertisen, talk about the technology that’s driving eCommerce – which included a demonstration of Google glass and an explanation behind the development of the self-driving car.

Throughout the talk, Bertisen emphasised the importance of delivering a mobile friendly website to help customers on their journeys throughout the Christmas period. He estimated that over 50% of Christmas retail enquiries were likely to come from smartphones.

This made us think about how our mobile friendly corporate ecards can act as a valuable stepping stone in your customer’s journey.

Whether accessing on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, recipients can go from their email inbox to open your corporate Christmas email card and touch or click to go straight through your website in a matter of moments. And as Nick Carr added in his discussion, even if your goal isn’t to sell there and then, an ecard is a great way to build up a relationship between you and your contacts.

For a summary of Martijn Bertisen’s lecture, watch the video below for his take on the future of eCommerce in the multi-channel marketplace: