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Sending Your First Ecard

Did You Know Ecard

Doing things for the first time is rarely easy. Doing them alongside the other twenty things you’re supposed to do before the end of the day is even harder.

As many people visiting the site might have concerns about sending their corporate e cards for the first time, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do a quick run-through of the process to help you on your way.

Follow these instructions in a separate window alongside your main browser to make the process even simpler.

Do I need an account?

First off we should say you don’t need an account to choose and customise an ecard. So feel free to have a play around and preview our designs without joining. If you fancy saving your design to edit at a later date, it’s free and quick to set up an account. All you need to do is go to the ‘My Account’ tab on the homepage and click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button.

Choose your ecard category

Our ecard designs are listed in categories related to special events or topics including Company Christmas ecards, Business Birthday Ecards as well as Moving and Thank You ecards. To find the appropriate greeting, go to the ‘Send an Ecard’ tab to the left of the Ecard Mint logo. Click it and a drop-down menu will appear. The categories are listed in two columns: static and animated. Click on the relevant category to begin browsing the designs.

Browse our range of ecards

Now for the fun bit! Click the green ‘View this Ecard’ button to preview as many cards as you like. Once the ecard you have chosen to view is displayed, you can click the grey ‘Back to Category’ button to go return or ‘Next’ to preview the designs one after another.

Customise your ecard

Once you’re satisfied that you found just the right ecard, click the orange ‘Customise this Ecard’ button beneath your chosen design. Here you can make the design your company’s own by uploading your logo, adding social buttons and a link to your website.

To add your own text to the greeting, click on the headline or personal message sections. Write your message and alter the text style, size, colour and position using the formatting options above.

When you click on the signature and logo boxes your file browser window will open, allowing you to find and select the files required.

Copy and paste your company web address into the box which appears when you ‘Click here to enter your website URL’.

Options for adding your social media accounts, the logo of your chosen charity if you’re making a donation, and to change your background colour can be found beneath with detailed instructions on how to add/change these features.

You can add to and edit as many or as little of these customisable options as you deem necessary for your greeting. To see how your finished design will appear to recipients, click on the green ‘Preview Ecard’ button at the bottom of the page.

Sign up or sign in

If you’ve already created an account with us, great! Here’s where you can sign in and continue through to the final stages of the process.

If you’re already signed in then you’ll completely miss out the sign in page.

If not, all you have to do here is add a few details: Your name, name of your company, email address, chosen password along with confirmation and country (to make sure payment appears in the right currency).

Once you’re signed in you can save your card for later or continue on to the next step.

Choose your mailing preferences

Now it’s time to choose your mailing preferences. When would you like your card to arrive? Do you want to send it? Or can we do that for you? You can also choose what the cover email will look like. If you’re sending the card yourself, the cover email will be created by you. If not, you can choose several options on the format and wording used when you send.

It’s at this stage that you can send a test email to make sure your card is just how you want it. This is sent free of charge, but the ecard will be watermarked.

Add your mailing list

Add your contacts one-by-one by adding your recipients name and email address to the table or import an existing mailing list. Simply save your current list as a .csv file and upload. Or you can download our free contacts list template which makes the process even easier – copy your list to this document and re-upload it to Ecard Mint.


You can either pay using a credit or debit card via Sage Pay or Paypal. Enter the details required, then click proceed.

Send your Ecard

Once your payment is processed your ecard is good to go! Monitor the performance of your email marketing communication by accessing Reports and Stats in your account to find out how many people have viewed it.

If you’re still having trouble, you can find more help topics and instructions here. Otherwise, please feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0) 208 977 1122 or send us a query via our contact form.

Happy Sending!


Ecard Mint’s Very Own Flappy Bird

We thought it might be relevant with all the recent hype around the highly addictive (and highly frustrating) game app ‘Flappy Bird’ to share a few of our interactive business e cards.

After all, we’ve got a couple of games that feature our very own flappy bird (more specifically, turkey) as he avoids the perils of the holiday season in Turkey Shoot and Runaway Turkey.

Play the Turkey Shoot game and watch our bird flap

Play the Turkey Shoot game and watch our bird flap

If the popularity of ‘Flappy Bird’ has taught us anything (other than to download the latest app craze while you still have the chance) it’s that people like to be distracted from the mundane for a couple of minutes with a quick game of something simple. Our ecard games do just that.

Play Lob the Leader and Pelt Some Politicians

Play Lob the Leader and Pelt Some Politicians

Not that we advocate procrastination in the workplace… but we do happen to think that they do serve a purpose. They’re a great way of rewarding a hardworking and dedicated team at the end of another successful year. Our ‘Lob the Leader’ game in particular is especially popular with businesses – not just because the aim of the game is to pelt as many politicians as possible with snowballs – but because in the past we’ve been commissioned to create bespoke corporate Christmas ecards that sub the faces of the MPs with those of the unsuspecting bosses’.

We also think that ecard games are a really great way to get people’s attention whilst reminding them of you as a brand. In essence, what we provide are ecards first and a game second. They might be extremely addictive, but they also offer the opportunity to add a company logo and a website URL to the greeting as well a personal message that might just help you get that other foot in the door.

Ecard Mint also offers email marketing opportunities in the form of Company Birthday ecards and an extensive range of Employee e card designs for business. 

So how big is the greeting card industry?

This week we thought we’d share this quite good looking infographic from the good people at Day2DayPrinting, based in LA.

Focusing on personal rather than corporate e cards, for our purposes the data shown might not seem wholly relevant. But there’s a reason why as a company it’s good to remind ourselves of a couple of things that are made evident from these figures.

Take a look and we’ll be right back with you, beneath the fold.  

How Big Is The Greeting Card Industry? – An Infographic from Design & Marketing Blog

So the Greeting Card industry is huge. It’s popular, and why? Because it’s meaningful. Although here we’re looking at people sending cards personally, there’s no reason why businesses can’t and shouldn’t be harnessing this method of communication to show employees, clients and business partners that we remembered to send a birthday company e card or a corporate Christmas ecard.  After all, those 7 buyers who viewed greeting cards as ‘absolutely essential to them’ could very well be crucial members of your workforce or valued contacts in your address book.