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Lock up your barns! The turkeys are on the run again in the animated Turkey Breakout 3 ecard. A silhouetted turkey creeps from behind the barn and across the farmyard in the crisp moonlight. With the Mission Impossible style music spurring him on, he climbs the water tower clad in a balaclava and aviator scarf. He pops out a once concealed walkie-talkie and ‘gobble gobbles’ some instructions into the radio. A rope ladder falls and the turkey ascends to take his place on a rather impressive homemade flying contraption. With his accomplice behind him, the two turkeys peddle the airship across the night sky and towards freedom. The final frames show Polaroid holiday snapshots of the two turkeys having a ball in New York, Sightseeing in Egypt and treating themselves to a nice cocktail on a warm sandy beach. A ‘Season’s Greetings’ message completes this fun and light-hearted ecard. This animated ecard is suitable for use with iPads and iPhones.