Bespoke Business Christmas Ecards

It may still be four months until Christmas but here at Ecard Mint enquiries from customers wishing to send a bespoke corporate Christmas ecard this year have started coming in. When it comes to discussing your requirements and ideas there are some important factors to take into consideration which is why we thought we’d give you a helping hand. So, what are your options?

Commission an Original, Bespoke Ecard

You can commission a one off, original, animated or static corporate Christmas ecard for your business that incorporates your product or service, workplace, staff and branding. We can create a unique, eye catching and memorable ecard for your company this year – all we need is a brief and we can bring it to life.

Adapt an Existing Ecard

If you like the look of one of our existing static or animated company Christmas ecards, we can have one of our designers adapt it to suit your requirements. Tailored to your company, we can brand the ecard and add in any messages/additional features you wish to include. To take a look at our existing collection please click here.

Your Bespoke Ecard Brief

Once you have decided which of the above options best suit your requirements, we need your brief. The more information you can give us, the better. Once we receive your brief, we will work closely with you to ensure the finished product is just right for you and your organisation.

If you would like more information or to send a brief for a custom made business Christmas e card to us please email [email protected] or fill in our contact form.

Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 208 977 1122 to discuss your brief in detail with one of our team.

Corporate Birthdays Made Easier

One of the unwritten rules of workplace etiquette is that Birthdays must be celebrated in some shape or form and let’s face it, it can be a chore.

Endlessly sending round cards for everyone to sign is time consuming and as the old saying goes, time is money. Now all you have to do is choose from a selection of expertly designed static and animated corporate Birthday ecards at Ecard Mint, customise and send.

To make things even easier, we have a handy Birthday mailing list tool. Upload a mailing list of all your co-workers or employees, with their birth date on, and we’ll send out your pre-designed business ecard on the day, it’s as simple as that.

In light of all this helpful information, we have a new static Birthday business ecard for you; and it’s one they’re not likely to forget in hurry.

Starbust Corporate Birthday Ecard

Starburst Corporate Birthday Ecard

This bright, bold corporate ecard is sure to make any employee feel appreciated on their Birthday and with your own message included, it’s sure to be greatly received.

Give a Little More with Ecard Mint

It may be the middle of August but here at Ecard Mint requests for corporate Christmas ecards have already begun. So, although we’re still four months away from the holiday season, we thought we’d clue you in on how your Christmas business ecards can keep on giving this year.

For anyone, making a donation to charity is a great way of making a positive difference to a worthy cause. For businesses, charitable giving has an added benefit; it provides marketing opportunities while increasing brand loyalty and trust with customers, staff and affiliates.

Ecard Mint corporate ecards allow you to integrate your marketing strategy with charitable donations by adding the logo of your chosen charity to any of our ecards. Taking into account the low cost of Ecard Mint business ecards, you can let your recipients know that you have donated the money you would have spent on sending printed cards to your dedicated charity, whilst also spreading awareness of the cause.


When considering your charity, choose it carefully to fit with your business. Whether you decide to go local or support a big cause, with ecard prices starting from just £5, a little goes a long way at Ecard Mint.

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to donate. Add a charitable donation to your company Birthday ecards or ecards for any other occasion throughout the year.

Boost Email Marketing Open Rates

With an over abundance of online forums, articles and research, email marketing is an ongoing topic showing no signs of slowing down and it can be tough to weed out the good advice from the bad.

With roughly 182 billion emails being sent out every day, one of the greatest problems facing email marketers is making sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed. We found this handy infographic from Sikich, which clearly identifies key points to improve open rates that will have an impact on the success of your email campaigns.


This infographic highlights the key points reiterated in online email marketing advice. Here at Ecard Mint we were determined to create a corporate ecard site that is not only compatible with most platforms and browsers, but also  provide a technically sophisticated platform that provides the right tools to aid successful email marketing campaigns.

Image and video act as great marketing tools, quickly conveying your message while capturing the attention of your audience making static and animated business ecards the perfect way to connect with your customers. In addition to this, at Ecard Mint we have worked hard to incorporate features to our site to aid your campaigns such as in-house analytics, easy to manage mailing list , customising options including social media buttons and more.

So, of the billions of emails sent everyday, make sure yours don’t go unnoticed with Ecard Mint corporate e-cards.

Christmas & New Year Ecards Added

As promised, the final batch of our new static Company Christmas Ecards is here. So far, we have unveiled our collection of picturesque winter wonderland corporate Christmas ecards and even a selection featuring a few festive favourite Christmas carols. But, this time round we’re proud to announce our new range of Christmas and New Year e-greetings.

Although we may be getting slightly ahead of ourselves discussing Christmas and New Year in July, we’re eager to show you the newest additions to our varied collection of corporate ecards. So, while you may not be needing them for a good few months, below are four of our latest company e greetings for Christmas and New Year.

New Year & Christmas Company E-card

New Year & Christmas Company E-card

Company Christmas Ecard

Company Christmas Ecard

'Season's Greetings' Corporate Xmas Ecard

‘Season’s Greetings’ Corporate Xmas Ecard

Christmas & New Year Business Ecard

Christmas & New Year Business Ecard

These professional yet elegant static ecards are ideal for companies looking for something uncomplicated but eye-catching to pass on their best wishes to employees, clients and customers. It’s quick and easy to customise our business ecards with your personal message, and now there is even more choice with our new, wider range of colours, fonts and URL options.

Employee Ecards

It’s no secret that recognition, appreciation and open lines of communication make for a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a productive workplace. Here at Ecard Mint we work hard to make sure we’re focused on expanding our employee business ecard collection. Recently, we have added four animated ecards to our ’employee’ category so thought we’d give you a run down on whats new.

Get Well Soon Ecards

Show them they’re a missed and valued member of the team when you send them this Get Well Soon corporate e card. This animation shows builders hard at work to deliver your message.

Get Well Soon Employee Ecard

Get Well Soon Employee Ecard

This ‘Billboard’ Get Well Ecard is bound to lift their spirits. Designed in a range of fun, stylistic fonts, the customisable animated corporate e card is great way to wish them on the road to recovery.

Get Well Soon Animated Ecard

Get Well Soon Animated Ecard

Congratulatory Ecard

Designed in pop art style font, our new Congratulations Billboard animated ecard is a great way to celebrate a promotion, personal victory or special occasion with a coworker or employee.

Congratulations Business Ecard

Congratulations Business Ecard

Good Luck Ecard

With a ‘lucky clover’ green acting as the foundation for this ‘Good Luck’ message, and a horse shoe thrown in for good measure, wish them all the best with the luck of the Irish.

Good Luck Ecard

Animated Good Luck Corporate Ecard

All our animated corporate e cards are now available for as little as £10 to send to 20 recipients at a time. Corporate e cards are not only great for boosting workplace morale, they’re a great email marketing tool so at such a low cost, you’re bound to see a positive return on  your investment.

The Next Batch of Christmas Ecards is Here

Last week we announced the new arrival of eleven new corporate Christmas ecards. Over the holiday season we had numerous requests for a variety of Christmas messages on our seasonal Ecards. We took that on board and have created the next four new corporate ecards with alternate ‘Season’s Greetings’ and ‘Happy Holidays’ messages to suit you.

Both sets of business ecards feature picturesque winter wonderland scenes that are perfect for getting your recipients in a festive mood over December.

Snow Path Company Christmas Ecard

Snow Tree Company Christmas Ecard

Snow Path Happy Holidays Company Christmas Ecard

Snow Tree Happy Holidays Company Christmas Ecard

Snowy Path Business Christmas Ecard

Snowy Path Business Christmas Ecard

Snowy Path Business Christmas Ecard

Snowy Path Business Christmas Ecard

When you’re sending a business ecard, whether it’s this Christmas or anytime during the year, make sure you’re making use of our scheduling and analytics features. You can track open rates, success rates, bounce rates and more at Ecard Mint.

Make sure to take a look at our selection of announcement, appreciation and Birthday business ecards. Ecards are a great marketing tool for your business and now they’re even more cost effective at Ecard Mint.

New Ecards Added to the Site

We’re pleased to announce that we have added not one, but eleven new corporate Christmas ecards to the site. Yes, we know Christmas is a quite a long way off but even in the middle of June we’re always focusing our efforts on providing a full and varied collection of company e-cards for our customers.

Because eleven ecards is quite a few to reveal all at once, we’ll start with our light-hearted designs which incorporate the lyrics to some festive favourites.

'Merry Little Christmas' Corporate Ecard

‘Merry Little Christmas’ Corporate Ecard

'Glad Tidings' Christmas Corporate Ecard

‘Glad Tidings’ Christmas Corporate Ecard

'Chestnuts' Christmas Corporate Ecard

‘Chestnuts’ Christmas Corporate Ecard

'Ding Dong' Christmas Corporate Ecard

‘Ding Dong’ Christmas Corporate Ecard

The playful fonts with designs to match make this selection of company Christmas ecards perfect for wishing clients, staff and customers a happy holidays in December. If you’re thinking of online marketing with ecards this Christmas, make use of our handy mailing list feature to organise contacts into separate, saved lists.

Online marketing with ecards is a great way to promote your business while building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, staff and affiliates. Take a look at our corporate birthday ecards, and other company ecards categories to send throughout the year.

Boost Workplace Productivity with Corporate Ecards

The old saying: a happy workplace is a productive workplace is very fitting when it comes to corporate success. A motivated workforce leads to increased levels of engagement, which can result in higher profits for the company. Ultimately, it pays to invest in your people. Here at Ecard Mint we understand the importance of a happy workplace so here are 4 ways you can use corporate ecards to boost staff productivity.

Corporate Birthday Ecards

Wish your employees a Happy Birthday and use the opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication, not just for that day, but every day of the year. Our corporate Birthday ecards have a handy mailing list feature that allows you to schedule a personalised ecard to go out to all your employees on their special days.

Corporate Birthday Ecards

Corporate Birthday Ecards


A motivated workforce means better business performance. Taking a positive approach to a problem can have a profound effect in the way it is dealt with. By sending a motivational ecard to your employees, help inspire creative thinking and give them the boost they need to succeed.

Motivational Ecard

Motivational Business Ecard


When you are appreciated for something you’ve put a lot of effort in to you gain confidence in your abilities and it is this that plays a vital role in success. If employees know that they are likely to be praised for hard work, they will strive to do better.

Appreciation Ecard

Appreciation Corporate E card


While team cohesion and support is vital to a workforce, employees need to be recognised as individuals for their unique talents and abilities. By recognising the efforts of an individual who has gone beyond the call of duty, you’re showing them you value their hard work.

Appreciation Business E card

Appreciation Business E card

By utilising corporate ecards, you can boost morale in the workplace resulting in huge benefits for your business. These days a lot of focus is put on customer satisfaction but it’s equally as important to invest time into your employees; happy employees equal happy customers. Not only that, when your workforce feels appreciated they are more likely to represent your brand in a positive and enthusiastic way.


It’s a no brainer.

5 Reasons to Incorporate Ecards in your Marketing Mix

Having a great product or service is vital to any new business. The strategies you employ to market them play an integral role in the success or failure of your venture. So, the more time and effort you devote to your marketing strategy; the more likely you are to have positive results reflected in sales and customer retention.

Why is email marketing so important?

In our last blog we discussed the importance of an individual focused approach to marketing, offering customers a personalised experience. With 91% of users checking their email accounts every day, email marketing is still one of the top marketing strategies. In an article published by Kissmetrics they explain that:

“Email has nearly three times the amount of user accounts as Facebook and Twitter, combined.”

The total is roughly 2.9 billion users, making email a clear winner for potential reach compared with its social media counterparts. Now we’re not saying social media channels aren’t important, they are, but the potential in email marketing is vast. Unlike other options, email marketing can provide multiple benefits, from raising brand awareness to building trust and loyalty.

Ecards as a Marketing Tool

We live in a visual world, images and video engage your audience and convey your marketing message quickly and easily, so sending marketing emails containing entertaining ecards is the perfect way to connect with your customers. Business Ecards are immediate, inexpensive, personalised and engaging. Here are 5 reasons you should be incorporating ecards into your marketing mix.

Corporate Ecard

Think Big Corporate Ecard

#1 Track the Impact of Campaigns

If you choose to send traditional paper cards for your annual Christmas greeting, once the card has been opened the conversation stops dead; no call to action, no links back to your website, no open rate metrics or easy responses for your recipients. If you choose to send a company Christmas e card as your holiday greeting, you’re opening yourself up to opportunities for building foundations with clients and consumers to respond immediately.

Not analysing user data from your campaigns is a common mistake in online marketing. Without knowing the behaviour of your users, which subject lines work and which don’t, achieving success can be tricky. Our ecard delivery monitoring tools allow you to track open rates, bounce rates, the number of unsubscribers and other user behaviours. Why not try A/B split testing to determine which campaigns are working and more importantly, which aren’t.

#2 Build Stronger Relationships

While cultivating strong customer relations is important, doing so with partners and staff is equally as important. With a wide range of categories from promotional e cards to birthday e cards and invitations for corporate events, there are many ways to connect.

Customers are looking for something genuine; email marketing should not only be focused on your product or service, it’s about the experience, a user journey. Going the extra mile to keep in touch with customers can have a positive response and huge impact on their loyalty to your business. The same goes for employees and clients; a happy workplace is a productive workplace. Something as simple as sending Birthday ecards to employees, or even a motivational quote, can help to build better working relationships and inspire creative thinking.

Corporate Ecard

Happy Birthday Company Ecard

#3 Eco friendly Reputation

Due to increased awareness of global warming and our personal carbon footprint, many consumers have a preference to opt for companies with environmentally friendly ethics. Many companies and organisations are choosing to send corporate Christmas ecards. They can send hundreds, if not thousands of Ecards to customers and associates at any given time, without increasing their carbon footprint. An article from Forbes explains,

“With postal mail rates increasing and the cost of printing and postage rising— not to mention the state of the environment and our limited natural resources—the whole concept of a greeting card printed on paper and sent in the mail no longer works for business.”

It’s apparent that there’s more to be gained from corporate ecards than just savvy cost saving. With roughly 6.5 billion greeting cards being sold annually in US alone, discouraging deforestation and encouraging waste prevention is key. When you send one of our corporate ecards, you can create and segment multiple mailing lists, enabling Ecards to be sent to smaller targeted groups. Next time you’re considering a marketing campaign, Corporate Ecards aren’t just a smart financial investment, they’re an environmental friendly one too.

#4 Visual Advertising

The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ rings remarkably true when it comes to visual advertising. With the vast number of emails sent every day, you have a limited window to make an impact on the recipients. Sending a static or animated ecard communicates your message quickly while leaving a lasting impact:

“Just one month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content – photos and videos – saw a 65% increase in engagement.”

Knowing your clients and customers means understanding their behaviour. When you offer them visual marketing, you’re not only making an instant impact, you’re exuding authenticity, humanising your brand and increasing the all-important trust and loyalty factor.

#5 Clearly Branded Marketing Emails

While you’re reaching out to customers and clients, select or create the design that will compliment and present your brand in a non-invasive way by adding your company logo, social media buttons and a link to your website. Even if the aim of your email is not to direct recipients to your other marketing channels, you’re still giving people the full picture of your brand. The best online marketing efforts are focused on creating and distributing content with the ‘shareability’ factor. With shareable content potentially becoming wide spread, or even going viral, distributing great, branded content is the holy grail for digital marketeers. Our corporate ecards options include static, animated and even interactive games, the shareable possibilities are endless.

Social Media Buttons

Brand Your Email Marketing

Ultimately, when you choose to include corporate ecards into your marketing ‘tool box’, you’re making a smart choice to connect with your customers effectively. It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and ensure that your email marketing efforts are being received and viewed rather than ignored. Ecards provide an individual, content rich experience for your customers so if you’re looking to turbo drive your marketing strategy, look no further.